Poem for South Africa

Poem for South Africa

Good day South Africa – I have a poem for you

I woke up this morning with renewed focus

Do you know that Corruption and Hate are eating our fabric faster than a locust ?

Who am I ?

Born in South Africa, born into history

I dont have time to unpack all my mystery

Now, lend me your ear, I have something to say

Hope you will listen, and dont just say nay

Born out of warriors, are we not all ?

Do you also like it when you can stand tall ?

Because you did something right, not because you made someone fall…

Proud, confused, hopes, dreams, dont like cruelty

So much in daily life in which we can see beauty

Wrong right , do we still have sight ?

You know what, peace has got light !

Different ideas, ideology and vision

Can we find a common mission ?

War, division, hurt and pain

Surprising love and care that blooms in the rain

Need, greed, seed can be planted

But if we dont talk,we wont get what we wanted

Strife, conflict, yes, we definitely have a past

But will we have a future that can actually last ?

Capture, rainbow ruptured, where to from here?

Can we try to make our future more clear ?

Does my life, your life, all our lives matter ?

Tell me, I like to chatter !

So who am I ?

I am a maverick, wild card, stirring the pot

Only if we find common ground can we improve our lot

Apologies for delivering your martini both stirred and shaken

I dont claim to have all the high ground taken

Ultimately I believe in the greater good

I do smile when I can lift your mood.

Forgiveness, determination, let us get our goals the same

I am Daniel and thanks that I can know all of your names !

Pass this on, be my mate !

I am Daniel Sutherland, still Uncaptured by Hate !