Poison :How Malema and Shivambu intoxicated the youth

Poison :How Malema and Shivambu intoxicated the youth

Malema and Floyd have had a powerful influence on their generation.

Since they adopted a combative, intolerant-of-dissent and temperamental leadership and debating style, youth political activists are generally impatient, arrogant, happily unpleasant and contemptuous of rules and authority.

After the pair maltreated a BBC journalist ("bloody agent"), began insulting white people with impunity and started to disrespect black morals by calling older people by their first names and without their titles, we have seen his popularity rise among the youth, such as Fallists and politicians.

Not only that but the culture of debate and engagement has the Malema-Floyd stamp on it.

The methods of Fallists was anything but intellectual - but rather violent, anti-democratic and criminal.

They had no time for government budgets, university processes and even fellow students.

Declaring, with a straight face, that "there is no struggle without casualties".

The ANC and its leagues could only look on in envy.

It hasn't yet devised a sustainable youth response.

It can't get rid of its gatekeeping and factionalism.

Meanwhile, Malema happily exploits the low levels of intellectualism and pushes his racism to the limit.

His fake, racist, pseudo-militancy style is all certain sections of our youth are exposed to.

The ANC took his a historical version of the UDF-Winnie Mandela relationship on the chin, with Ramaphosa sheepishly inviting him on a visit to Marikana.

In a word, the ANC has surrendered the strategic leadership to the least among us.

It has no courage to set records straight or to claim the intellectual hegemony of yore.

Only the DA is left.