RAJEN AIYER is playing the race card again

RAJEN AIYER is playing the race card again

RAJEN AIYER who was first kicked out of the HAWKS and now dismissed from SAPS, is playing the race card again!

He has gotten away with his lies and conniving on the back of the race card all his life.

Maybe Aiyer should be reminded of his racist behavior when he arrested a young white school boy after his own son lost a schoolboy fight - which AIYER's son started in the first place.

He threw the boy in the back of a police van in full view of other learners and called him a criminal.

In spite of damning evidence from the principal of Northlands High School, learners and teachers he was found not guilty by a chairperson of his own race because Aiyer cried racism.

Actually the hearing was a joke designed to protect Aiyer.

Rajen Aiyer should never have been a colonel in the first place!

Jackie SelebiHe got promoted by Jackie Selebe after he (AIYERS) sold him racist stories.

This miscreant was prosecuted for fraud in 2002.

Selebe negotiated the withdrawal of charges.

He lied in a disciplinary hearing against General Johan Booysen.

He also lied when he testified in a criminal case prompting an investigation by IPID.

He was arrested and is standing trial for perjury.

Earlier his own sister and brother obtained domestic violence orders against him  after he threatened to kill them or have them arrested.

Let us be clear why Aiyer was dismissed.

He colluded with a divorced man, who was eventually jailed for not paying maintenance, to unlawfully arrest his wife to intimidate her to withdraw charges agains her husband.

Aiyer falsely obtained a warrant for her arrest for breaking into her own house !

She was subsequently kept in the cells for two days.

Recently the State had to settle a civil claim of R180 000.00 because of an assault on a colored lady and her son where Aiyer was involved.

Some years ago the State also had to fork out thousands because he unlawfully arrested a white captain.

Aiyer is back to his old tricks.

Aiyer's poor grammar aside, his racist rant on his FB post is rather ironic considering his racist and criminal actions over the years.

Aiyers Rant

another Aiyers rant

There is only one appropriate place for him.

Asylum or jail.

Better still: An asylum in prison !

And those who protected him all along should take

the blame for much of his criminal behavior