Jacob Zuma held secretive side meetings  at the ANC lekgotla on Monday and Tuesday where it was decided that section 25 of the Constitution be amended

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday night that the ANC national executive committee (NEC) had decided to change the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation.

Speaking after the party’s two-day NEC Lekgotla in Tshwane, he said the ANC, "through the parliamentary process" would "finalise a proposed amendment to the Constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected."

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The Sowetan newspaper has just reported the following :

"Former president Jacob Zuma held private talks with influential government officials and ANC leaders on the sidelines of the ANC national executive committee (NEC) lekgotla this week which was also attended by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Zuma allegedly met with directors-general and two die-hard supporters at the two-day NEC lekgotla at the Saint George Hotel in Irene, Pretoria, on Monday and Tuesday."

Zuma met with [ANC KwaZulu-Natal chairman] Sihle Zikalala and [provincial secretary] Mdumiseni Ntuli at the holding room.

The difficulty is that no one may ever know what they discussed.

They met when we went for a break.

"We just saw them going into a meeting." said one NEC member speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another leader said he saw some government officials holding private talks with the former president.

"We do not know what they discussed but the directors-general are implementors in government and he had a relationship with some of them while he was a president."

Another member of the NEC said Zuma was still pulling strings behind the scenes.

"We know that he has his faction in the ANC. However, he has a right of association."

READ : Zuma holds private talks at ANC lekgotla

According to the same Sowetan report, Zuma said nothing in open plenary.

He just engaged in secret meetings, including with civil service director generals whose salaries are paid by the taxpayer.

Many questions must now be  asked  :

  1. Why is a criminal treason suspect like Jacob Zuma attending ANC lekgotlas where far reaching decisions are taken that will be sure to affect our economy in a serious way through loss of investor confidence and can lead to a chaotic land grab situation like in Zimbabwe ?
  2. Did Zuma tilt the scales in favour of changing the Constitution ?
  3. If so, it is quite easy to see why he did it .

    He might have calculated that such a populist step might bring in a lot of votes for the ANC, which would put the ANC in a strong  and unaccountable position  like they always were, with no need to offer up one their own to stand accused in a court of law.

In other words the ANC will close ranks around their own, including himself !

The chaotic land grabs that are sure to follow will divert attention from Zuma's extremely serious criminal activity with regards state capture .

This is how Zuma has always operated, creating a state of chaos , confusion  and race war ( think Bell Pottinger ) so that he can hide behind all that and get away with it all .

Taking the attention off himself .

We have seen how not a single state capture suspect has been prosecuted successfully since December .

This is a situation that Zuma clearly wants to keep .

And he can only do that through fomenting  chaos .

Zuma is still deciding our destinity behind the scenes, and the destiny he is planning is not pretty....

Unless the Zimbabwe situation is pretty to you !