Red Pill - Blue Pill - Make a choice!!!

Red Pill - Blue Pill - Make a choice!!!

Many people have probably already made the choice because it is choosing between the 'reality' that 'they' want you to believe or the ACTUAL REALITY.

But what IS a "Red Pill" and what IS a "Blue Pill" you ask.

A "Red Pill" is the truth - the facts, what is actually going down.

A "Blue Pill" is a lie - or a twisted version of the truth that "the powers that be" would like you to believe so that they can get along with their agenda.

Now who are these "powers that be"?

Essentially they can be anyone who is trying to bull$#!t people into believing their often twisted and self-serving so called "truth" so that they are able to move their own agenda along - and to hell with the real world consequences to anyone else.

And politicians are for the most part exactly the so called "leaders" that want you and everyone else to believe their lies and self-serving twisted half truths.

And their followers - those that have taken thier "Blue Pill" !

These sorts of "Blue Pill" followers are the rabid "supporters" that will DEMAND that you see their point of view as the ABSOLUTE TRUTH - the type that will wreak everything "for the cause" - the type that will commit murder, rape and torture to "prove their point" and scare you and everyone else into being a "believer".

"Blue Pill" people rarely change their minds, even if the actual truth stands up and hits them in the face with a hammer!

Those "Blue Pill" types have essentially been brainwashed and WILL NOT change their minds EVEN WHEN CONFRONTED WITH THE TRUTH !!!

So what is a "Red Pill"?

A "Red Pill" is a person who has seen through the bull$#!t, the lies, the deceit, who has a mind that can think for themselves and who is able to see the ACTUAL TRUTH.

A "Red Pill" is able to see when something that started out as good has been changed and corrupted into a monster that is no longer good, true or acceptable.

An example of "Blue Pills" are the people who, despite all the evidence of corruption, mismanagement and nepotism, still believe and rabidly support someone like Jacob Zuma.

Maybe the man was once all the good things that they say he is BUT THAT IS NO LONGER THE TRUTH !!!

Yet the Jacob Zuma "Blue Pill" supporters WILL NOT ACCEPT THE TRUTH!

And a Julias Malema supporter, a person that has been brainwashed by the charisma, rhetoric and idiotic promises made to seduce them into joining in on the political and sometimes criminal activities of his band of thugs are just as bad, if not worse!

All these "promises" can only lead to dissaster and have been specifically developed for political reasons - to gain political power - and of course as much wealth as possible.

But what about the "Red Pill" types? What do they believe?

A typical "Red Pill" has a brain - AND THEY USE IT !!!

"Red Pills" are constantly looking at things and situations, deciding if something is the "truth", if the "truth" is becoming less than the truth.

A "Red Pill" is someone who is not afraid to say to themselves "The truth has changed and is no longer valid and therefor I am now standing against what I once stood for!"

A "Red Pill" is NOT AFRAID to change their stance when the situation changes or when things happen that change what was once "true".

Being a "Red Pill" is often difficult because it seems to ininformed outsiders that you "cannot make up your mind" !


A "Red Pill" CAN make up his or her mind and often does based on what has happened and what is NOW the "truth".

And the leaders of the "Blue Pills" ABSOLUTELY HATE "Red Pills" because they are a major threat - BECAUSE THEY CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES !!!

"Red Pills" are NOT EASILY BULL$#!TTED and if they find out that something was a lie or is no longer the truth, THEY ARE NOT AFRAID TO CHANGE THEIR OPINIONS!!

And this is something that a dishonest, corrupt and often self-serving individual CANNOT HANDLE because they are DANGEROUS TO THE DISHONEST AND CORRUPT CAUSE OR AGENDA!

So which are you?

A "Blue Pill", an unthinking fool who is easily lead around like a sheep on a lead?

Or are you a "Red Pill", someone who thinks for themself, makes up their own mind and is not easily lead blindly down the wrong path?

For those that are interested in where the "Red Pill, Blue Pill" concept comes from: