SASSA pament fiasco in Mandileni Luyengweni

SASSA pament fiasco in Mandileni Luyengweni

On Monday the 04 December 2017 was a Pension in Mandileni Luyengweni, and surrounding areas.

All these villages are always serviced by Sassa at once, and there has never been a problem until the said Monday.

Apparently on Monday the Money was not enough for all the villages so SASSA official's had to drive all the way to Mount Ayliff or Kokstad.

That was around 13H00 and the old people had to sit outside in the open on a very cold rainy day waiting for the money.

What I find frustrating is why was the money short today and at this time of the year made it worse.

My source say there are no words to describe what happened yesterday - it was unexpected.

These old citizens feel the government is taking advantage of their trust simply because they are poor.

When I asked my source what time the money arrived she said around 17H00.

The old people were sitting on that cold rainy weather for what ?

For incompetacy?

For the government that has got no time for them?

For this corrupt selfish self fulfilling greedy people to first steal?

I find it hard to believe that Bathabile thinks her Department is competent !

If our eldery people can be treated like this by the government they voted for then we do not know why they are still in the office.