South Africa is at a crossroads. The next 3 days our fate will be decided at NASREC in Johannesburg during the ZANC elective conference.

It is a crying shame that our fate as a nation gets decided every 5 years by around 5000 ZANC delegates, and we as a nation of almost 60 million has to live with the consequences.

In 2007 at Polokwane those delegates delivered us to a criminal faction in the ZANC, to do with this country as they wanted.

And that criminal faction , led by Jacob Zuma783, with the Gupta Indian immigrant family acting as his business partners and brains, have really had their way with us. Their reign can only be described as rape. For more than 8 long years since 2009 we were sytematically stolen from by this enormous criminal outfit with the full help and aid of state agencies like the State Security Agency and National Prosecuting Authority because those institutions were also hijacked by the looters. The full extent of the looting has yet to be revealed.

And now we have come to a crossroads again. And again our fate will be sealed by around 5000 ZANC delegates.

We have 2 possible outcomes, which can only be described as bad and much much worse.

On the one hand you have the state capture gangsters who want to continue the looting and cover up what has already been stolen. These outright gangsters consist of the Premier leaque faction and is led by David Mabuza and the Free State province reincarnation of Mugabe, Ace Magashule. They back #783's ex wife Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma as the next leader of the ZANC.

The other choice is the man who is not directly implicated in the state capture looting but who has presided over it as the deputy President, the man who said nothing, Cyril Ramaphosa.

An outcome where the Ramaphosa faction emerges victorious would of course be best, but it is uncertain what the silent inaction man Cyril Ramaphosa will do to stem the tide of rot.

Over the next 3 days we will have money politics, sex and booze flowing and after 3 days we will know if we will have the bad or the much much worse faction emerging.

But make no mistake our future is on the line, because the Nkosazana gangsters will seal our fate in ways you never even imagined. We are talking apocalyptic going over into a deep abyss stuff.