The ZANC elective conference was effectively a pre-determined negotiated settlement between Cyril Ramaphosa and the vastly and ghastly corrupt gangster don from Mpumalanga David ” DD ” Mabuza.

Horses were traded and deals were done in smoke filled rooms before the elective conference. It was basically a done deal who would get which position in the top 6 and NEC.

There were two telltale signs before the elective circus began. First Zweli Mkhize withdrew from the race for the position of deputy President of the ANC. This is a quote from Timeslive on 17 December , titled : ” Why Zweli Mkhize declined deputy ANC president nomination “

” When Mkhize made that announcement‚ Mabuza lit up and was hugged by his fellow leaders in Mpumalanga. A senior leader in Mpumalanga said Mkhize’s move meant a “guaranteed victory” for Mabuza as deputy president‚ regardless of who wins the ANC presidency “

The second telltale sign was when Gwede Mantashe made the announcement before the conference that voting for the top 6 would not be done according to slate lines , in other words voting would be done for each position in the top separately . This opened the way for the Ramaphosa/ Mabuza deal to be implemented.

The only possible explanation for the deal was that Cyril’s camp was not confident of a win over NDZ17. Mabuza was not certain that NDZ would win. So Cyril the negotiator made a deal with the devil to ensure victory for himself as the next leader of the ANC.

This deal can be described as a deal between the snakes and the chameleons in the party. The snakes faction is the hardcore criminal faction of the party that sees politics as a road to riches and the chameleon faction , certainly no saints, are the opportunists in the party who are always ready to change sides and adapt political positions and allegiances at a moment’s notice to ensure they remain at the top.

The deal was described in an exellent piece of journalism in Heraldlive on 19 December titled : ” Secret deal wins day “. Here are some quotes from the article :

” Mabuyane [ EC ANC ] led a team of negotiators who persuaded Mkhize to drop out of the race to become deputy president. “

” A source who was part of the negotiations said: “We [Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga] were not doing this for anyone but the ANC and the 16 million voters we want to win over during the 2019 elections.”

“So we agreed to have a combined team which has DD [Mabuza], Mantashe as chairman, and Jessie [Duarte] as deputy secretary[-general]. “

Cyril’s deal with the snakes resulted in an even split in the top 6 of the party for both camps and last night’s announcement of the NEC of the party also reflected the deal with an even split for the snake and chameleon factions.

The saying goes : uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. But in our case as citizens of this country, it is even worse because the deals done include unaffordable grand plans for free tertiary education and land expropriation wihout compensation.