Secret deals and money politics. Msimanga survives another MONC

Secret deals and money politics. Msimanga survives another MONC

Solly Msimanga, DA mayor of Tshwane, has survived another motion of no confidence brought by the ANC yesterday.

The ANC brought the MONC using the GladAfrica scandal as reason.

In this they were correct because that is a massively corrupt trough eating exercise .

The EFF abstained during the vote yesterday after they brought their own MONC in late August which was defeated on technical grounds .

The DA is governing Tshwane with a minority coalition but needs the EFF's support to survive and pass budgets .

The EFF is not in a formal coalition with the DA led coalition .


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After the EFF's MONC was defeated in late August, they stormed out of the council chambers , therefore not supporting the ANC's own MONC that followed soon after .

The EFF's reason for their own MONC was not because they said the GladAfrica deal was corrupt .

Typically EFF they wanted the DA out because the DA was "racist" in that they announced an investigation against City Manager Moeketsi Mosola because he was black  – according to the EFF that is .

The GladAfrica deal  was Mosola's brainchild .

As I have written in  previous articles , Mosola was appointed by mayor Msimanga and appeared to be his personal choice in January 2017 .

The DA announced his appointment with glee as a true example of black exellence in management.

Mosola was not on the initial shortlist and mayor Msimanga scrapped the shortlist and started the headhunting from scratch .

The EFF's vicious attack on Msimanga  and their threat to withdraw their support for mayor Msimanga because he announced an investigation into Mosola and his intention to suspend him left me wondering and I connected some dots .

I came to the conclusion that Mosola was really the EFF's man and that the GladAfrica middleman deal was a way to skim off money for both Mosola and the party that ensured his election as City Manager – the EFF .


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It was clear from the beginning that the ANC gunned for Msimanga because he allowed a corrupt middleman deal with GladAfrica to go through whilst the EFF gunned for Msimanga because he announced his intention to suspend Mosola .

So the EFF was  protecting Mosola, that was clear .

After the EFF's theatrical performance in late August in the Tshwane council chambers –   their MONC which was not really designed to succeed – mayor Msimanga said he will reach out to the EFF and talk with them .

And low and behold Mosola was not suspended and remained in his office even whilst the investigation over the GladAfrica matter is conducted by his deputy – City of Tshwane COO James Murphy .

What an absolute farce .

The chief suspect is remaining in his post where he can intimidate whistleblowers and is being investigated by his deputy nogal .

And it seems Mosola wasted no time in intimidating witnesses .


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It seems I was right after all ....

GladAfrica is a prime example of money politics where the EFF and Malema are the beneficiaries .