So where is the 'GOOD NEWS'???

So where is the 'GOOD NEWS'???

Why is it always be "DOOM AND GLOOM"?

There MUST be good news out there!!

AND we need some help finding it!!!

UnCapturedSA was born at a time when things were VERY BAD - we had a president that was robbing us blind and him and his cadres had been doing so for a very long time.

On social media there were thousands of us wondering what to do about it.

Well, a lot of people DID do something about it and the idiot is no longer there!

BUT can we now relax?


This is one of MANY battles that we as a country will have to face - but it is a battle won in our "2nd Freedom War" that we are now waging.

How many of you out there are shell shocked at this time?

We all put in so much effort and we are now all exhausted!

So now it is time to regroup, take a bit of a breather - smell the roses!!!

If news is not of a political nature that does not mean that it is "UnCaptured" now does it?

If it is the uncaptured truth then it is the uncaptured truth no matter what or who it is about!

There is good and bad, each page has 2 sides and up until now, the UnCapturedSA site has had to be concentrating on the bad - and that sort of reporting is not going to stop!

But what would be wrong with reporting some "good news"?

What about the other side of the page? - articles that bring a smile to your face and maybe even a tear to the eye!!

Stories that remind all of us what we are fighting for!!!

Stories that remind all of us of how good South Africa and its people CAN BE!!!

Just in case we start loosing sight of the reason that we are fighting - for a better life, for a better South Africa, for an UnCaptured South Africa where criminals go to jail, competent people are running things and ALL 57 MILLION OF US are benefitting thanks to a well run country.

Unfortunatey a lot of good news never sees the light of day - and maybe that should change!

So, if any of you have a "good news" story please share it with us and we will get good news out there too - because life is all about balance.

What should it be about? ANYTHING !!! As long as it is good news.

Please send your GOOD NEWS to for us to have a look at and publish.

Dont forget to add your name and attach a photo if possible - we will do the rest!

We ALL need some "GOOD NEWS".....