South Africa - Where are we headed?

South Africa - Where are we headed?

The Libyan leader General Gaddafi made one mistake which lead directly to his downfall.

He (Libya) sold crude oil and received payment in a currency other than American dollars.

The American government could not allow that because IF the American dollar looses its place as the International currency of trade then America looses control of the international situation because no-one will bow down to the "American Requirement" and that would lead to America's downfall.

So they cooked up all sorts of excuses to invade Libya and in reality assassinate Gaddafi who at the time WAS THE LEADER OF A SOVEREIGN NATION.

That is illegal under International law BUT America simply ignored that and got all the other countries that America "controls" behind the scenes to play it down - so that it "went away".

And now all of Libya's crude oil production belongs to American controlled companies.

America and the "Money Men" NEVER does ANYTHING that does NOT HAVE A VERY GOOD PAYOFF FOR AMERICA and the "Money Men".


Just look at how many countries around the world produce crude oil and how many of them have been attacked, invaded and are being looted by America and the "Money Men".

It would come as no surprise if in secret the ANC (for a VERY LARGE FEE) have already sold South Africa and southern Africa to the Americans and/or the "Money Men".

Don't get me wrong here, I am NOT saying that the average American citizen is involved here or that he or she even knows about it.

That is because the "MONEY MEN" behind EVERY AMERICAN POLITICIAN know how to hide things that could be embarrasing if made public - and these "MONEY MEN" really know how to do that very effectively.

The "MONEY MEN" own the MAIN STREAM MEDIA and are controlling EVERYTHING that appears in print, on radio and on TV.

They even control a very high percentage of what can be found on the Internet.

And that is where the "Social Media Warriors" and sources like UnCapturedSA and others are making a difference!

WE (and I personally proudly include myself in that group) are MAKING A DIFFERENCE by not simply repeating like a parrot what some or other bought and paid for idiot is saying but digging for the facts, joining the dots and analising the pictures that emerge.

So here is the picture that I am starting to see...

The chaos that is starting to get out of hand here in South Africa would be a very "convenient" reason for the Americans (the "Money Men") to step in and send in their military forces disguised as "PEACEKEEPERS".

Now what makes South Africa so attractive to them?

There are a number of reasons really, here are some of them :

  • We have mineral resources in the form of gold, platinum, chrome and many others.
  • We have large tracts of fertile land for food production.
  • We are strategically placed geographically for someone who wants to control international commerce (its ALWAYS about the MONEY).
  • We have a large percentage of the population that is not very well educated - Ideal for using as cheap, forced labour (indentured slavery).
  • Our country is a shambles and in chaos - no "Rule Of Law" in reality.

But why would anyone want to get into Southern Africa, particularly South Africa?

The Americans and the "Money Men" control America itself, most of North Africa, almost the entire Middle East and much of Asia so why come here?

The answer lies in the Yellowstone National Park in America.

Yellowstone is actually a long dormant "super volcano" that is starting to wake up meaning that it could errupt at any time and is indeed showing alarming signs that it is going to do so soon - it is LONG overdue...

As stated, Yellowstone is a SUPER VOLCANO and when it does errupt a very large part of America's farmland will simply cease to exist!

When a volcano errupts it releases large clouds of ash and gas which in the case of "small" volcanoes, make the land for thousands of miles around unlivable, unproductive and a wasteland.

And the people living in these addected areas die - get burned to death, get gasses, die of starvation - and many more causes.

As an example, a number of years ago a relatively small volcano in Iceland "went mad" and for weeks much of Northern Europe was VERY BADLY AFFECTED - and that was a "normal" volcano - not a "super volcano"!!!

But when a "super volcano" errupts the effects are orders of magnitude greater.

Most credible estimates that I have seen put forward that the ENTIRE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE will be affected!

From "Very Badly" to "Catastrophically".

And here on the southern end of Africa is a place that in all probability will be able to survive such an event.

That place is South Africa - OUR South Africa!!!

So the "Money Men" need to do the following"

  1. Make up an excuse to invade South Africa - ANY excuse will do!
  2. Then they Invade South Africa.
  3. Cut off all communications to the outside world.
  4. Simply kill everyone who might resist and tell the world that WE KILLED EACH OTHER - after all WE ARE ALREADY DOING IT!!!
  5. Keep enough alive for the "slave labor" that will be needed.
  6. Tell the world that they have "SAVED SOUTH AFRICA"
  7. Then prepare OUR COUNTRY so that the "Money Men" can then bring all their own people from all over the world to a nice safe place before the catastrophe happens and even after it has happened.

So if you start hearing about foreign troops on South African soil then you know that this process is already under way.

Scarily there have been unconfirmed reports of American bases in the Northern Cape and Botswana.

Possibly the process has already started, to be honest I do not know for sure...

But here is the rub:

When it happens then South Africans who are not sellouts of South Africa, who do not blindly support those that have already sold large pieces of South Africa to any foreigner with enough money, will stand back to back against this invading force.

At that time it will be a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and you will probably see BLF people standing alongside AWB people for arguements sake.

Sounds rediculous I know but when your country is threatened, you forget about everything else and defend YOUR country.

That is a fact shown in history!!!

The Transvaal republic could not stand the Orange Free State Republic but as soon as the English monarchy sent troops to invade the 2 Republics, the republics put their differences aside and took on the invaders - AND ALMOST DROVE THEM INTO THE SEA.

In the African Tribal histories there have been cases of 2 tribal groups (who were not exactly "friendly" with each other) putting their differences aside to repel a third invading tribal force - often with success.

So the question now becomes this:

Why the F%&K are we all destroying out country, OUR SOUTH AFRICA, from within?

Why are we doing what the "Money Men" want to happen for them?

WHY are "certain leaders" trying "SO HARD" to get everyone killing everyone else?

Have they already "SOLD OUT" South Africa and all the people in it?