South Africa on a knife edge

South Africa on a knife edge

We are now truly teetering on the edge of the abyss in this country and if we fall over into it in the coming weeks, there will be no getting out from the deep hole that we will be finding ourselves.

The Chinese have this proverb : we are living in interesting times. I can tell you this morning, without any doubt, that history is now in the process of being made.

When I refer to history that is about to be made, I specifically refer to the ZANC's make or break conference coming up and the happenings at the NPA. I can tell everyone this morning that the events taking place at the ZANC's conference in December and the events unfolding at the NPA will determine this country's future.

We have one of two scenario's and it is impossible to say which one will be unfolding in the coming weeks.

Scenario 1 is where Cyril Ramaphosa emerges victorious at the ANC's policy conference and scenario 2 is where the NDZ camp wins outright.

In scenario 1, there are two versions of which version 2 is the most likely.

Version 1 is where Cyril Ramaphosa is the clear winner and version 2 is where a so called " unity " leadership slate emerges with Ramaphosa the President , but with many Zupta camp people included. Version 2 will lead to paralysis and will hasten the demise of the ANC, but will also lead to massive instability in the country.

Scenario 2 represents the abyss, too ghastly to contemplate. This is the scenario where NDZ emerges victorious and then the Zupta vultures will pick the carcass of South Africa until nothing remains on the dry bones, after which they will be thrown out in the 2019 elections, leaving a broken and bankrupt country in their wake.

Closely tied to this are the events at the NPA.

The NPA has always been closely tied to events in recent history and closely tied to the downward trajectory of this country since Jacob Zuma783's rise to the top and his need to first overcome 783 fraud and corruption charges in order to become President. This whole sordid tale of state capture of the NPA is a whole story on its own, suffice to say that ANC capture of the NPA led to Zuma783 becoming President. If we had an independent NPA, we would not have Zuma783 as the President.

Yesterday we had an interesting development, which could just be as crucial as the ANC's December conference in determining this country's future.

Once again, there are a few variables and it is a bit early to speculate.

I am referring to the North Gauteng High Court's verdict in a case brought by several NGO's . Judge Dunstan Mlambo ruled that the Zupta sycophant and stooge Shaun " the Sheep " Abrahams must vacate his post.

Once again we have 2 possible outcomes which will interact with the other big history making event, the ANC conference.

We could get a well respected and independent figure as NPA head in the coming months, after " the Sheep's " inevitable appeal is dismissed in the SCA, or we could get another ANC party apparatchik like " the Sheep ".

Your guess is as good as mine.

But our country's future is on the line and being decided right now