Struggle Veterans: I AM ONE OF THEM!!!

Struggle Veterans: I AM ONE OF THEM!!!

Yes, you heard me!


Now many may not believe than about me and even more may disagree with this revelation BUT...

The "struggle" that I am talking about is the struggle to make South Africa a truely democratic country.

NOT like it was "back then", under the rule of the National Party who through legislation and by brainwashing the majority, had a system of "Seperate Development" also commonly known as "Apartheid" in place and who made sure that it was followed to the letter.

Back then you were indoctrinated to such an extent that the policies and laws that the National Party spewed out were as good as having come from the mouth of God Himself.

Back then almost every member of the public who was on the voters roll believed the lies that the National Party spread, often telling you that "it was the Lord's will".

There was indeed a "struggle" going on back then!

But then, slowly at first but ever gaining momentum, the voting population started to think for themselves, began questioning all the "facts" that they were being told was the "natural order of things".

And it was not long before the thinking voter had seen through the propaganda that they had been spoon-fed since birth, questioning what they had believed to be absolute truth and found that this so called "truth" was in fact anything but the truth.

The "struggle" had at that time been going of for years, first in the Union of South Africa which came into existance in 1910, whose governments were in reality simply puppet regeime that answered to and did the bidding of the English government in Westminster, England.

The National Party came into power in 1948 and it took them to 1961 to get South Africa delared a "Republic".

The Republic of South Africa, an independant nation country freed from the "Commonwealth" of the English Queen.

But by that time, the National Party had put all sorts of discriminatory laws in place and were enforcing these laws with the proverbial "Iron Fist".

I, like many others, simply accepted these "laws" - we all had been brainwashed since birth to simply accept them and instructed not to ask questions.

Much like the ANC handles its own members and followers today - it is in their constitution - look it up online if you do not believe me.

Then the National Party government started to have to quell the people that were being oppressed by thier laws and every male voting citizen was required to answer the "call of their country" to "protect" it from the "swart gevaar" ("black danger").

Many of us either answered that call volunteraly, were coerced into it by our peers, parents and society as we knew it.

WE were part of the "Struggle".

Albeit on the "other side".

However MANY people had started thinking, questioning the laws that we were "protecting" and "upholding".

The politicians that were telling us one thing but that our minds were telling us was not right.

The politicians that were trying to pull the wool over our eyes with their lies so that they could stay in power, keep on getting richer - at all of our expense - were fighting for their lives - their status - and of course incomes.

The majority of the voting population were realizing that they wre indeed "on the wrong side" in this struggle - a fact that was brought harshly to the attention of the National Party government on the 17th of March, 1992 when the voting population of South Africa went to the polls in the groundbreaking Referendum.

As a direct and almost immediate result of the outcome of that Referendum various organizations were "un-banned", their leaders released and negotiations that were long overdue were started - WITH ALL THE PLAYERS.

These days the current African National Congress government have re-written the history so as to make it look like they, the ANC, were the ones that brought about the transition.

The fact of the matter is that up to that time, the African National Congress were in all probability the 3rd most important player, or maybe the 2nd mort important.

What gave the ANC the advantage was Nelson Mandela - the public face of the struggle against the apartheid regeme.

And the African National Congress made full use of Mandela's popularity and public persona and used that to lure members away from all the other previously banned movements, often weakening those "struggle partners" to the extent that they were absorbed into the ANC collective or became mere shadows of what they used to be.

In effect, the African National Congress hijacked history itself!

And we all know what happened in 1994 - an event that most people could not believe - a peaceful election in South Africa where ALL South Africans were given the opportunity - indeed, the right - to vote.

I, like millions of other South Africans who were able to think for themselves, started off on the "wrong side" of the "struggle" but as we thought things through, discussed them with one another, joined the "right side" of the struggle.

Now fast forward 24 years....

Where do we stand now?

We have the African National Congress in power.

And like their predecessors the National Party, they are simply a bunch of politicians who are in it for personal gain and a "power trip" !

Unlike the National Party though, the ANC are simply stripping South Africa methodically of every bit of wealth, not leaving anything left for the people.

The African National Party, like the National Party, have put into place a set of laws that discriminate against a sector of the population.

In effect the ANC is an organization that has at its core an Apartheid based approach.



And like all politicians do, they disguise it in rhetoric and lies, pointing out what are almost inconsequential pseudo-facts to try to blind us to the fact that they are not able to lead South Africa. OUR South Africa !!!!

That all the time they have simply been taking more and more riches for themselves.

Lets face up to the facts:

  • The Health Department is so sick it cannot supply even the most basic health services to those that are in dire need of them.
  • The Education system is a joke - to get what looks like an acceptable pass rate in the schools they have had to lower the standard of education so far that a pupil is able to pass their grade 12 exams AND YET OFTEN THAT PUPIL IS NOT EVEN ABLE TO EVEN READ PROPERLY !!!
  • Homeland Affairs simply sells drivers licences, residence permits and South African citizenship to whatever criminal needs documentation.
  • Law Enforcement is a JOKE !!! In an increasingly higher percentage of crimes it is being found the members of Law Enforcement are either members of the crime syndicates OR ARE IN FACT CRIME SYNDICATE LEADERS !
  • Our Military is for the most part the laughing stock of the world and the BILLIONS spent in shady arms procurement deals that enriched the politicians and their friends to buy equipment was wasted - by far the majority of the equipment has either been sold on secretly, is broken or is simply rusting away because the expertise needed to properly use or maintain it is no longer available - those technical people were "let go" so that incompetent "friends" could get well paying jobs without their having the knowledge to actually perform those jobs.
  • The Rail System - Once the engine that drove the South African economy is in ruins thanks to incompetent people mismanaging BOTH the system and the resources, even buying locomotives and cariages at highly inflated prices THAT DO NOT EVEN FIT ON THE RAILS !!!
  • SAA - South Africa's National Carrier has has more people in charge that I care to count, each one needing hundreds of BILLIONS of Rands to bail it out and every last one of them left SAA in a state WORSE THAN THEY FOUND IT !!!
  • Eskom - or as many people call it. EK IS DOM - So badly managed over the years that even Megawatt Park (their headquarters) has probably got a large supply of candles because they cannot even keep their own light on.
  • The Department of Transport and Roads - there are so many potholes in the roads of South Africa that private citizens and organizations have to step in and fix them before the roads deteriorate so far as to become impassable.

And unfortunately the list goes on - And On - AND ON !!!

And all this (and a lot more not yet mentioned) means that we South Africans have a struggle on out hands.

South Africans of all races, colors, creeds and ethnicities have got a struggle on our hands.

The "struggle" to remove an unjust political system and its racist policies never "stopped" !

The ANC tells everyone that the African National Congress "WON" the struggle.

They LIE !!!! Like their feet stink !!! BADLY !!!

The "struggle" has become against the ANC, their incompetent mismanagement, their blatant thievery, their own version of the RACIST APARTHEID LAWS !!!

The ANC at its best has become the National Party at its worst !!!

The enemy!

All these people that like to boast about being "STRUGGLE VETERANS" - just how many of these fools were even born before 1994 when the "struggle" was supposed to have ended?

And even less were teenagers at that time.

These are all egotistical fools - WANNABE's that just deserve our contempt.

So, I am, like so many other South Africans, a "Struggle Veteran".

BUT our struggle is not over yet is it!!!

All that has happened is that "the enemy" has changed and we still have the same situation.

Which means that I, like so many other South Africans, are STILL STRUGGLE WARRIORS.

Are you one of us?

Or are you one of them?

It is time for YOU to make a decission!!!

Whose side are YOU on in South Africa's