Swart Gevaar and Rooi Gevaar

Swart Gevaar and Rooi Gevaar

Although it has been made difficult to see the merits of white South Africans and white minority rule the previous regime did at least protect SA and all its people from Swart Gevaar and Rooi Gevaar.

Even apartheid was an attempt to ward off greater evils than using the "K" word which now merits the death penalty.

Under ANC rule SA has until recently had no professional head of police since 1995 so the women of South Africa are being murdered at five times the world average – a simple, irrefutable indicator of Swart Gevaar.

Under ANC rule the practices of cadre deployment and BEE have pushed the national economy, public services and state owned enterprises like Eskom to the brink of bankruptcy and South Africa is now the most unequal society on earth according to the most recent IMF analysis.

We spend as much money on education as the USA to have the second worst education in the world even before the pass mark was lowered to 30%.

Without a capable government, a sound economy and decent education this country is drowning in sewage.

Those who grumble that our Democratic Revolution was stolen by the ANC and that the apartheid regime was better are quite right.

SA went from a strong but unfair system to a weak and even more unfair system which is a negative transformation that is entirely the ANC’s fault.

All of this surely amounts to treason or constructive treason most notably when it comes to the ANC plan to destroy the Western Cape Government led by Helen Zille.

The people of SA want national unity and the pride which goes with full first class citizenship in what used to be the finest country in Africa.

They do not want to be overwhelmed by Swart Gevaar like most of post colonial Africa and most of us do not support the Rooi Gevaar of Marxist Leninism proposed from within the ANC by the Communist Party of South Africa and its unruly offshoot the EFF which makes a spectacle of our Parliament.

The people of SA who want full participation and unity to replace white and black ethnic nationalism cannot vote for the ANC, the DA, the EFF or their hangers on all of whom play the race card to capture the "black vote".

They do this without regard to basic principles which have for centuries advantaged the better part of the human race – political and economic freedom with a capable government to balance competing interests like capital and labour, rich and poor.

The only part of SA which comes close to this humane value system of freedom with fairness is the Western Cape under the management of Helen Zille and her team which has the courage to govern properly so that the chaos prevailing in much of South African is at least partly contained.

Instead of honouring them, Mmusi Maimane intends to make the DA a wholly black party and flirts with the EFF, so even the heart of the opposition wants to promote Swart Gevaar and Rooi Gevaar which is truly a fate worse than death.

We really need a new unitary political formation to replace the three major political parties and the first step, given the imminence of the 2019 General Election, is for the voters in each of our four hundred parliamentary constituencies to select their own representative.

An independent MP who is not chosen by party leaders or owned by any political machine like Luthuli House.

Once these independent MPs get to Parliament they must earn their keep by standing up for unity, freedom and fairness or be promptly recalled by the constituents who voted for them.

South Africa is an exceptional nation entirely unlike any other because it was designed for bottom up democracy and cooperation, not race war, class war, single party dictatorship or wonky coalitions like the ANC.

We may have educational deficits but we are not stupid and we certainly have more high quality leadership material than any other African country so there is every reason to have faith in the future once the politically inspired cultivation of hatred and division comes to an end.

Bernice Tomlin

30 August