The DA, COPE, ACDP, FF PLUS and IFP in a coalition?

The DA, COPE, ACDP, FF PLUS and IFP in a coalition?

The DA, COPE, ACDP, FF PLUS and IFP have just joined to create a working coalition and say together they can take control of the country and run it as our government after the 2019 elections!

The above is taken directly from a post on Facebook made at 9:20am tody the 14th July, 2018.

To be honest, IF it is true then we can get rid of the ANC corruption and finally bring the whole sorry bunch to book in the courts.

And start getting South Africa fixed!

BUT news of this sort would be breaking all over the media would it not?

So I Googled "South Africa coalition" with a filter for the last 24 hours.

The only thing I found was a report by the "Independent Online" that was about the DA in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

That article states "A coalition government in KwaZulu-Natal would ensure that no single party had too much power and reduce the level of arrogance in the government, DA provincial leader Zwakele Mncwango said."

Further than that, at this time (6:00pm) I found nothing.

Now a number of possibilities present themselves here:

  1. It is just someones "wishful thinking" or when ther read this report they thought it was about the whole of South Africa and not just KZN.
  2. All the reporters are on strike or having a weekend break - which is unlikely.
  3. This news has not been officially released and this "post" was made by someone who possibly has a source "on the inside".
  4. It is a "troll" trying to get everyone all worked up about nothing.

Point 2 is doubtful - reporters are on the lookout 24/7 and are normally very quick to react especially to something like this.

Point 4 is unlikely because the person who made the post is not a "troll" as far as I know and has been active on Facebook for a number of years.

Point 1 - Maybe....

Point 4 - Possibly - but there would have been some sort of leak by now or someone would have put 2 and 2 together if the leaders of all these parties "just happened" to be in the same place.

But whichever it is, it is still a damn good idea!!!

Between these 5 political parties there are more than enough votes to get a parliamentary majority.

There may even be enough votes to get a "more than two thirds" majority and in that case, the coalition will be able to make sweeping changes provided everyone is in agrement.

And the first thing that the coalition needs to do is set the fraud and crime investigators on the case of the "Corruption Comrades" and get them charged.

And get them prosecuted as quickly as possible too.

And that will get a lot of the currently sitting ANC politicians into jail where they belong and remove them from their parlimentary seats - whichever the ANC manages to hold on to in the post-election parliament.

On social media people from all these parties work together, discuss things and generally agree most of the time.

So why don't we all apply as much pressure as we can to these 5 parties?

Let them know that the non-corrupt South Africans are standing behind a coalision government.

Maybe these 5 parties will listen to their constituents!

Unlike the ANC who only listen to Luthuli House and ignore their supporters until it is time to hand out food parcles in exchange for votes.