The Presidents Keeper Roy Moodleys capture of Durban North SAPS. Cost to the taxpayer mount

The Presidents Keeper Roy Moodleys capture of Durban North SAPS. Cost to the taxpayer mount

The taxpayer has forked out millions after wrongful arrests by Colonel Reuben Govender and other officers of Durban North SAPS  acting as rent-a-cops on behalf of Roy Chockalingham Moodley.

Roy Moodley needs no introduction but just to refresh everyone's memory, he is basically Durban's own " Gupta ", a businessman who built up a close relationship with Jacob Zuma who then used that relationship to obtain tenders from State institutions on condition that some of that money is then kicked back to Zuma.

It was revealed by Jacques Pauw in his book The President's Keepers that Jacob Zuma was a paid " employee " on the books of Moodley's company, Royal Security, for a year during the 2009/2010 taxyear , including for 4 months into Zuma's Presidency.


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Ok, so you expect that a person will become the President of the country and for the year leading to the Zuma Presidency, you pay him a " softener " of R1 million a month.

Take into account that Zuma was reflected as an employee of Royal Security on their books and I dont think Zuma was standing guard somewhere during that time.

Clearly Roy Moodley " invested " in Zuma and clearly that " investment " paid off.

Consider the following :

Investigations by investigative reporter Pieter-Louis Myburgh of News24 has discovered that  Moodley has been acting as a gatekeeper to lucrative Prasa contracts, much like the Guptas have allegedly been doing at state-owned companies like Eskom and Transnet.

Myburgh of News24's investigations reveal that the companies that scored big tenders with Prasa were Siyangena Technologies and Prodigy Business Services.

Siyangena kicked back an amount of R550 million to a company in which Moodley is the sole director, the company's name is Hail Way Trading, and Prodigy kicked back R4,5 million, also to Hail Way Trading.


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Moodley almost had Jacques Pauw arrested on spurious grounds after the release of Pauw's book in October 2017.

Moodley planned to use a policeman from the Durban North SAPS to do his dirty work for him, a cop who was clearly in Moodley's pocket for a long time.

That cop's name is Colonel Reuben Govender.

It was Colonel Govender's previous links with Moodley and the rent-a-cop style illegal arrests he carried out on Moodley's behalf that would lead to the unravelling of the plans to arrest Pauw and Pieter-Louis Myburgh.

Colonel Govender summoned Pauw and Myburgh to his office in Durban at the time after a complaint lodged by Roy Moodley and the plan was clearly to arrest them and keep them in a filthy jail cell for the weekend.


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Someone alerted me at the time that Govender had links with Roy Moodley and had previously arrested a businessman after a business deal soured between Moodley and the other businessman Vinesh Juglall.

The matter was a civil matter but Roy Moodley had roped in Colonel Govender to arrest Vinesh Juglall to intimidate him into paying a certain amount to Roy Moodley, something that can only be described as extortion.

I was concerned and worried at the time that an author who exposed large scale corruption at the top of Government would be arrested to intimidate him and I wrote an article which I published on my FB page and on the website

I was not in communication with Jacques Pauw because I dont know him but it is clear from an article he wrote for News24 that he was already aware of Moodley's plans to arrest him and his lawyers were informed.


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The taxpayer now has to fork out millions after civil claims were lodged by people who were arrested by officers from Durban North after being instigated by Roy Moodley.

Vinesh Juglall has just been awarded R500 000 in damages after Colonel Govender had him arrested 3 times on Roy Moodley's instructions.

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Roy Moodley also featured in another matter where the taxpayer had to fork out money after Shanaaz Ally was illegally arrested by Durban North officers   Inspector Ganas Moodley and Constable Karl Harrichal.


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The following is an exerpt from above mentioned link :

Ally said she received a call from Roy Moodley’s wife, who wanted to see her, on April 18, 2013.

Ally said she initially refused as she was ill, but Moodley's wife insisted and wanted to see her at Gateway shopping centre the following day.

She wanted to discuss an affair Ally's friend allegedly had with her husband.

Ally met Mrs Moodley, her son Magesh and another woman.

About half an hour into the meeting Roy Moodley is said to have arrived and asked his wife what she was going to do about the affair.

Ally decided to leave the family and, as she made her way up the escalators, Roy Moodley threatened to have her arrested.

Soon she met officers Moodley and Harrichal, who told her they had been called by Roy Moodley.

They told her they needed her to go to a camera room where they would show her video footage.

Instead they took her to the underground parking lot, where she was shoved into a vehicle and taken to Durban North police station.

Ally said she overheard Ganas tell another officer that they would charge her with anything they could make stick.

She was charged with attempted murder, crimen injuria and extortion.

Ally spent five days in jail and appeared in court, where she was initially denied bail because the investigating officer refused bail.

Charges were, however, later withdrawn after she was made to sign a document.