The Sunday Times - Making amends

The Sunday Times - Making amends

On 11 December 2011, a series of probably the most damaging media publications to our democracy was published by two journalists that ultimately culminated in the decimation of SARS and the Hawks.

The stories they peddled in behalf of a criminal enterprise are the now debunked Cato Manor Death Squad , SARS Rogue Unit and Zimbabwean rendition stories.

Disgraced JournalistsThe two, Stephan Hofstatter and Mzilikazi WaAfrika are guilty of betraying the country on a massive scale.

We all know now that they connived with criminals within Crime Intelligence, crooked politicians and corrupt businessman to hide criminality at the expense of loyal government servants.

Today their mendacity will be revealed for all to see in the Sunday Times.

The very newspaper that Stephan Hofstatter and Mzilikazi WaAfrika have brought into disrepute, The Sunday Times, has now become their nemesis.

They will be drinking from their own poisoned chalice.

The current editor of Sunday Times, Bongoni Siqoko, who inherited the chaos his predecessors Ray Hartley and Phylicia Oppelt left behind, will be lauded by future generation journalists for his brave and unprecedented steps to initiate a catharsis in the journalism fraternity of South Africa.

Bongani Seqoko we salute you.

Thank you for your courageous efforts in restoring credibility at the Sunday Times.

I know it must have been a painful exercise.

Thank you on behalf of those who had to endure much suffering.

Stephan Hofstatter and Mzilikazi WaAfrika will be banished to the ash-heap of journalism history while you will be remembered for restoring sanity in South African journalism.

I for one will support Bongani and his management team.

They cannot be held liable for the sins of Ray Hartley and Phylicia Oppelt.

I wish strength to his arm.