The ANC's revolutionary mindset explained

The ANC's revolutionary mindset explained

I am not the spokesman of ADeC.

I write this post as the proverbial man in the street who has witnessed the dispute with regard to the logo of the new party.

Is there a possibility that the two logos can be confused?

Certainly not.

Is there a combination of colors which is common between the two?

Certainly but then that combination exists in the national flag and in the logos of many other South African political parties including the PAC.

I do not know what motivated Dr Makhosi Khoza to choose those colors and the imagery in her logo but as the man in the street the impression I get from a comparison of the two logos is that Makhosi wanted to acknowledge the historical role of the ANC in leading the fight [represented by spears and all] against racism.

However Makhosi appears to be saying that the ANC is stuck in that adversarial mode.

She is promising to replace the warmongering with policies and actions informed by knowledge [represented by the torch].

In my last post I argued that the struggle was motivated by a giant grievance.

However when the ANC was required to govern they remained a party that was stuck in the grievance mode.

That is how incompetence became entrenched giving rise to rampant corruption.

Closely associated with the giant grievance of the ANC was a gigantic conceit with regard to their self perception.

The ANC so called cadres saw themselves as "revolutionaries" in the Che Guevarra mold!!!

The spear in the logo of the ANC has the same symbolism as the AK47 in the flag of Zimbabwe.

But the South African so called "armed struggle" was an unmitigated disaster !

Mandela and his negotiating team had absolutely no armed units to back their demands.

In South Africa the struggle was won through Mandela's moral arguments backed by mass action and international solidarity which was orchestrated by diplomats led by OR Tambo and Thabo Mbeki.

These diplomats are also represented by the torch while the useless MK is represented by the spear.

One of the causes of the problems that beset this country is that every so called cadre and his arthritic grandmother were taught by the ANC to go about masquerading as "revolutionaries".

Now, by definition, a revolutionary has to be permanently in the grievance mode because there are always imaginary enemies, variously known as imperialists and white monopoly capital, from whom property has to be grabbed with revolutionary fervor.

To a revolutionary all problems relating to addressing poverty and governing a country are ultimately solved by grabbing from the profit loving enemy and disrupting his profit making activities.


Because the "revolutionary imbeciles" have no idea what wealth is.

He/She imagines that wealth has nothing to do with profit.

Wealth is there to be grabbed.

Political analysts often characterize the transfer of political power which took place in 1994 as an elite transition.

Implicit in this characterization is the criticism that the arrangement absorbed black elites into the then existing white elites and failed to accommodate the mostly black poor as if the poor are necessarily a permanent feature of society.

It is the responsibility of every society to eliminate poverty!

Therefore the only way the poor could have been accommodated in the political settlement of 1994 would have been through a long term plan for universal access to quality education and training and through temporary measures to alleviate poverty.

Both the expansion of opportunities for quality education and a temporary safety net for the poor required a growing economy in order to be practical.

Unfortunately rampant corruption by the much vaunted "revolutionaries" of the ANC has sabotaged the economy with such ruthlessness that the only realistic prospect now is economic contraction as we start settling into a cruise on the Zimbabwe freeway.

If the ANC government had put into place a plan for universal access to quality education there would have been nothing wrong in focusing on plans to integrate the elites of all races in all sectors of the economy.

In fact the ANC "revolutionaries" sabotaged even the plans for this integration which informed the introduction of BEE laws.

The first thing the ANC did to sabotage integration plans was to confine BEE benefits to ANC so called "cadres".

When the goodies were dished out for the comrades it turned out that they were not even capable of organizing orderly feasting!

They were like a bunch of pigs which are guaranteed to initiate a stampede diving feet first into the feeding bowl the moment they see food being dished out.

Zuma introduced an entirely new dimension to this obscene feeding when he reserved the largest feeding troughs for friends and relatives to bathe in the food with the starving citizenry looking on and ANC imbeciles cheering the pigs and egging them on.