The Final Capture of South Africa

The Final Capture of South Africa

South Africans have see our country taken from a state where the future held bright promise in 1994 to what is arguably another failed African state as of December 2017.

The process was slow - it took over 20 years - and is finally heading toward the end game.

Essentially what has happened is greedy and self-serving elements within the ruling party have taken the ANC over from within and molded it in their own image and to their own ends.

Since the start of the Zuma presidency the process has accelerated at an unbelievable rate and now nearing the end of his presidency, like any despot he is working out a way to hold onto power, keep himself and his inner circle at the top of the food chain so that the ongoing theft, rape and pillage of our country South Africa can keep on happening.

However there is a "little" thing standing in his way, the Constitution of South Africa.

As per the Constitution there has to be a democratic election in 2019 which the ANC are determined to win even though their alliance partners are leaving, factions are splitting away and the public, ESPECIALLY their "grass roots" supporters, are becoming more and more informed and discontent with the way that the top echelons of the ruling party including the president are treating South Africa's wealth as their own personal ATM.

One has to ask the question Why did the leadership of the ANC allow the corrupt and maverick Jacob Zuma to simply carry on leading South Africa to destruction and destitution and stripping out literally BILLIONS of Rands?

This is a question that many people are asking, from the rich households in the fancy suburbs all the way down to the lowly shacks in the squatters camps across the country.

The answer if you think about it is actually very simple:

The "behind the scenes" leadership of the ANC were complicit in this plot!

That is correct!

They all (the top people in the ANC) enjoyed almost untold riches coming their way in the privacy of Luthuli House while Jacob Zuma was the "front man", the public face of this criminal enterprise along with various other criminal elements and enterprises such as the Guptas and many others.

But they have come to the realization that the ANC star is waning and the best they can hope for is to become the official opposition to a coalition majority after the 2019 election and this is a major problem for their thieving minds.

The ANC have been playing a "smoke and mirrors" game as to their next presidential nomination but many if not most South Africans have seen through it and realize that in effect, neither candidate is any better than the current one.

However, what is going on behind the scenes?

Do not for one moment think that the current president, despite his almost total lack of basic education, is in any way "stupid" !!!

That would be a big mistake...

He is cunning, devious and sly - like a wild predator - and like a wild animal that is trapped he will use any and every way to ensure his safety and continued well being.

During his term he was unable to change the "maximum two terms" section of the Constitution and now realizes that even if the ANC wins the election, he himself is out.

For a man of his ego this has to be a very bitter pill to swallow!!!

So what can he do about it then?

The answer is actually pretty simple if you think about it.

He CANNOT ALLOW the election in 2019 to take place can he? No he cannot!!

So what CAN he do in reality?

All he has to do is by whatever means he can, force the situation in South Africa to become unstable.

He started doing this a number of years ago by systematically castrating the various law and order and justice arms of the government and through the ANCYL and his old friend Julius Malema and the EFF is getting South Africa polarized and fighting with each other.

Please remember that recently Julius and the EFF have been making noises about a join-up with the ANC and I put it to you that the EFF is and always has been a part of the "smoke and mirrors" play - just think about it.

So all it will take is one or more "false flag" events to ignite the whole situation so that South African society starts attacking each other.


So what does that do?

It gives him the power to SUSPEND THE CONSTITUTION !

It also gives him the power to change the constitution and the first thing that will go is the "two terms presidency" clause.

Remember that under a state of emergency he does not have to even consider what the parliament thinks or says - he has total control !!!

Right there he will be able to stand for the post of president in every future election!

As Robert Mugabe has shown in Zimbabwe, rigging elections and getting away with it as far as international observers are concerned is relatively easy to do.

There has already been talk about bringing the military to Cape Town to help maintain law and order because the local law enforcement (which the ANC has effectively all but destroyed) cannot cope.

Who knows how many other "military roll-outs" are being planned behind the scenes !!

But when this happens, the country will effectively be under military control and the president will be calling the shots with impunity...

Will it happen?

Personally I hope not but it is up to all South Africans to be aware of the dangers because if it does, South Africa is totally captures, South African Citizens will have no rights whatsoever and every South African Citizen of all groupings will suffer enormously under the heel of someone who will effectively then be a DICTATOR !