The Syndicate running the Shadow State

The Syndicate running the Shadow State

As we all know , our country is in a bad state.

The country has been wholly captured and is now being controlled by a cabal, let us call them The Syndicate

The intent of The Syndicate is to loot, that is steal, as much money as possible .

For them it is really all about the money.

The Syndicate has also been described as the Shadow State by the PARI academic research group.

We dont know how much The Syndicate has stolen so far. I saw somehere that Pravin Gordhan mentioned an estimated amount of R100 billion. This might well be a conservative estimate.

So, how did this happen ? It happened through a process now referred to as State Capture.

You see, you can only loot the State, and of cource the State is funded by the taxpayer, if you control the big tenders of the State.

Much has been reported about this in the media, and I wont go into it now.

What is of even more concern is that much more than the State Owned Enterprises were captured. You see, if your plan is to steal that much, you must also make sure there will be nobody , and no institution, in the country capable, or willing, to investigate you.

And so the leader of The Syndicate, who we all know is President Jacob Zuma783, has systematically captured the criminal justice system, that is the Police and NPA.

I wont go into it now as well, as much has been reported in this regard, and I will get back to this subject.

The Syndicate did not stop at the capture of the ability to control State tenders, or the capture of the criminal justice cluster.

No, that did not do it for them.

As more and more details of the activities of The Syndicate were revealed by a handful of dedicated investigative journalists, mostly the amaBhungane team, the ” brains ” of The Syndicate, the criminal Gupta immigrant family, devised an evil scheme to divert and redirect attention away from the looting activities they were busy with.

They now aimed at capturing the minds of as many South Africans as possible . This with the intention to control the succession race and make sure a candidate of The Syndicate is elected as the new Zanc leader, to keep the money networks in place well into the future.

And so they hired a British PR company, Bell Pottinger, to devise and implement the mind capture strategy, through social media infiltration – fake twitter accounts, fake FB accounts, twitter bots etc- to create the so called WMC narrative to pit white versus black and create a racial division strategy, all in an effort to divert attention away from their looting activities.

The Syndicate has not deviated from the mind capture strategy, they did not deviate from the WMC narrative, those efforts are still very much in place through Gupta Media.

And they are now in the process of securing the money pipeline.

But back to the website.

This website is simply aimed at getting South Africans to talk to each other, to unite around shared values, and to promote uncaptured thought.

A handful of people have agreed to be permanent contributors, and you will get to know them soon. They will lead discussion, and they are well suited to get South Africans talking, thinking and uniting. And in the process contribute towards the uncapture of this country, the country we call home, and the county that will have to sustain our children one day, this country with this difficult and painful past. But it is this country who produced us, and it is now up to us to write tomorrow’s history.

I will also from time to time make contributions, and we will get more and more contributors as time goes by, we will also create a guest column.

I pledge to be as accurate in my opinions pieces as I possibly can.

The aim of this website is to make a positive contribution to the national discource, and to write our own narrative for the future, and not allow The Syndicate to write the narrative that is dividing people and leading our country towards bankruptcy.

I thank Aubrey O’Callaghan , who I met in the FB group Executive Solutions for Civilian South Africa, for building the website, Donovan Penaluna for his brilliant design help and all the contributors who have agreed to make contributions, because this project can not be driven by one person.