The agenda of Black people

The agenda of Black people


Do not mind my unsavoury rhetoric if it offends you, I am being my old demented self!

I am just commenting on a very important issue.

If Codesa did not address the economic imbalances, why not reopen the negotiations instead of unleashing our anger and hatred on White people?

So the agenda of Black people was never really to live peacefully with White people as they so willingly agreed in those Codesa negotiations.

The secret agenda was to lure them into a false hope of reconciliation and participants in our democracy.

Then ambush them unexpectedly and systematically drive them away or kill them.

Is that the secret agenda?

From where I stand that's how I see things unfortunately!

Yes we were the victims!

But we're now in power!

Black people are in power!

If they wanted White people to be part of the solutions they should have invited them!

Because this is democracy! And it's supposed to be inclusive!

We hold the power to put in systems in place to enable White people to engage in debates with us on issues relating to the advancement of our country.

Have we done that?


Because it suits us perfectly to keep calling them racists who stole our land and caused all our miseries...

Because it suits us to keep judging them without giving them a voice to defend themselves...

Because it suits us to play victim while we plan and execute evil ongoing atrocities against others in the name of revenge...

And we will forever remain victims even if they all left the country!

Because being victims helps us not to face our own weaknesses - Our own faults!

Everyone has to feel sorry for "THE POOR BLACKS" who have been traumatized by colonisers for 400 years.

And no one should expect "THE POOR BLACKS" to have fixed anything in the more than 20 years they've been in government.

"THE POOR BLACKS" have had the power to change things for more than two decades!

Power to do anything without White people stopping them!

Now ask yourself the following:

What did we "POOR BLACKS" do with that power?

  • We ran down all our government institutions
  • We created levels of poverty and unemployment that have never been seen in the history of this country
  • We drove our own economy to a downhill shithole
  • We encouraged corruption, racial divisions and enrichment of a few elite Blacks - At our own expense!

This wasn't done by White people BUT BY US!

By Black people - Pulling each other down!

No respect and empathy for our own Black people!

We blame White people for our poverty, illiteracy, non advancement economically...

We blame them for our landlessness...

We even blame for water shortages these days...

But have we approached them to get their views on anything?


Because deep down we know we don't want them to be part of any solutions!!

Because that might just expose our dirty little agendas about them!!!

Mirriam Jass

(Nonzima Yoliswa)

15th March 2018