The corruption spotlight goes on!!!

The corruption spotlight goes on!!!

Foreword by Daniel Sutherland.

To understand the latest article by General Johan Booysen that focuses on 2 KZN members of the Hawks, colonel Clarence Jones and Lt Col Dhamashan Maistry, you also have to be aware of the fact that these 2 members of the Hawks were arrested yesterday in connection with fraud and defeating the ends of justice charges.

In this article General Booysen give more details about how his path crossed with Clarence Jones and Dhamashan Maistry and the role that Jones played in undermining the investigation against Thoshan Panday, a KZN businessman linked to Edward Zuma.

Panday and colonel Navin Madhoe were investigated by Genl Booysen in connection with a R60 million corruption case involving tenders with the KZN Police.

Panday and Madhoe tried to bribe Genl Booysen with R2 million and Genl Booysen had them arrested, but the case was withdrawn by the head of the NPA in KZN, Adv Moipone Noko.

Here is the link about the arrest of Clarence Jones and Dhamashan Maistry.

Clarence Jones worked under my command.

Thoshan PandayDuring 2015  I led an investigation into the corrupt activities of Toshan Panday, a Zuma acolyte, and Colonel Navin Madhoe.

Jones unsuccessfully  connived with Panday to release R15 million which was frozen by me.

I reported this in writing to the now disgraced previous head of the HAWKS, Berning Ntlemeza, on at least three occasions.

Ntlemeza turned a blind eye because he actively protected provincial commissioner Mamonje Ngobeni who according to an independent forensic report by PWC had a corrupt relationship with Panday.

On the first of January 201Berning Ntlemeza5 at 08:00, five days after Ntlemeza replaced Dramat (who was unlawfully suspended) Ntlemeza privately visited Ngobeni in her office.

As the provincial head of the HAWKS at the time I challenged Ntlemeza about his visit but he typically dismissed my question.

Jones in fact used Ngobeni's official vehicle to transport Ntlemeza from and back to the airport.

Maistry was unlawfully drafted into the HAWKS by Jones in 2015.

I terminated this arrangement.

My decision was sanctioned by Dramat.

It is gratifying to see these corrupt elements having their comeuppance!

Ngobeni is suspended.

Jones and Rajen Aiyer who also connived with Panday have both been arrested and arraigned.

Navin MadhoeAll that remain is for Panday and Madhoe to face the criminal charges which advocate Noko withdrew.

Noko herself was controversially appointed as DPP in KZN by president Zuma.

With the demise of Zuma imminent the efforts to bring the rotten apples to book will be intensified.

Moipone NokoShaun AbrahamsNoko and her boss Shaun Abrahams ought to be investigated as well for the manner in which they obstructed these serious criminal investigations.