Trolls - the CURSE of being on-line

Trolls - the CURSE of being on-line

We have all experienced some form of TROLL activity at some stage of our on-line lifes.

It is a PAIN in the (you know what) and it can be dangerous!

Lets start with the most annoying form of trolling.

You and I have opinions, sometimes the same, sometimes not BUT we are both entitled to our opinions and to express them AS LONG AS THEY COMPLY WITH THE LAW!

Unfortunately "some people" are able to instigate others to perform illegal acts (all the way up to MURDER) and the authorities and people that can put a stop to this simply do nothing about it!

The people who can put a stop to this sort of activity REFUSE to do so citing "Freedom of Speech" as the reason.

That, in one word, is BULL$#!T !!!

BUT when you lay out a case proving that someone is doing something reprehensable and in most cases, illegal and criminal, what happens?

All of a sudden you are flooded with all sorts of idiots that insult you, tell you that you are wrong (but CANNOT tell you why) and they often become pretty abusive about it too.

Now unfortunately it is human nature that if someone tells you that you are a "fool" then you react and call him something worse - for example a "doos".

BUT with these TROLLS what is happening?

They are baiting you!

They keep on and on and eventually you loose your cool and REALLY lay into them.

THIS is what they want!!!


So what do they do?

They report you and often on Facebook the result is that you get sent to "Facebook Jail" for anything from a week to a month - and if you REALLY lost your cool you can be banned permanently.

And THAT banning - even the short term banning - is EXACTLY the outcome that the TROLL is looking for.

Basically their aim is to silence YOU because YOU are a danger to THEIR agenda and message because YOU ARE POINTING OUT THEIR LIES AND DECEIT (or the lies and deceit of their "idols")

And unfortunately there are MANY who fall into this TRAP and get themselves thrown off of a group or banned by Facebook.

In extreme cases it may even lead to criminal charges being laid against you because essentially YOU have been baited into stepping over the line.

Essentially they got you SO P!$$ED OFF that you typed in something that YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE but the TROLL has spent half an hour BAITING you and eventually you strip.


So it makes VERY GOOD SENSE to type your response BUT PLEASE DON'T HIT ENTER YET !!!

Rather go and make a cup of coffee and then read what you have typed critically and pay PARTICULAR attention to whether what you want to post can be used against you by the TROLLS.

If it is "dangerous" then either delete it OR (as I often do) re-word it so that the meaning is still there but the language is "less offensive" as it were.

In other words, "go away in small jerks" will probably not get you into trouble but "F*CK OFF" will.

However there is another TROLL activity that we all must watch out for !

I recently wrote an article and pointed out that under EXISTING SOUTH AFRICAN LAW and the CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH AFRICA, Julius Malema and the EFF ARE ACTUALLY TERRORISTS !!

READ : EFF - Terrorism - Plain and Simple

Needless to say that this did not go over at all well with the EFF aligned TROLLS - NOT AT ALL !!!

Now I have not been able to find out EXACTLY WHY but very shortly after I started sharing this article to the various groups on Facebook I WAS BANNED!

Sent to "Facebook Jail" for a week or two...

Now I do not know exactly why I was banned or who exactly raised the complaint - as most of you know, getting any meaningful information out of Facebook is in most cases impossible - maybe someone can find out for me and message me - messenger seems to still accept my posts.

But there is another "possibility" and that is that one of the administrators or moderators on one of the many groups I share with has an ulterior motive and /or agenda and this particular post was dangerous as far as their thinking was concerned.

Maybe a "wolf in sheeps clothing" perhaps???

To be honest, I simply do not know at this time...

So the long and the short of it is that THIS particular article cannot be shared as I normally do.

So, I will have to rely on the people that read this to share it on my behalf - as far and as wide as is possible!!!

So in closing may I respectfully request that if you see your way clear to do so, PLEASE share this (and any other UnCapturedSA article you may agree with) to wherever you can.

These shares will help our cause tremendously.


Thank You