I often say that to the extent that the ANC define themselves as a liberation movement they need an enemy from which to claim they are liberating their supporters.

A convenient "enemy" is the white community who are, in fact, resented for having the very skills without which South Africa simply cannot work, the very skill which ensure that there is something for the ANC thieves to loot.

Whites are a convenient scape goat, the "enemy|", which can be accused of being responsible for all the failures of the ANC.

During the anti apartheid struggle there was a genuine enemy and it was justified to whip up black emotions against it in a manner designed to drive the races apart.

A concrete form which the inter racial antagonism took was that blacks tended to hate everything the whites loved and to love everything which they hated.

For example communism gained favour with blacks precisely because whites and their regime hated it.

Rugby and Afrikaans were hated because Afrikaners and their regime loved them.

Now a majority with political freedom has all the power to liberate itself from the bondage of ignorance and lack of skills which is the only credible impediment to economic progress.

However the ANC has failed to do this after a quarter of a century in power.

They were simply too busy stealing.

We are thus experiencing a resurgence of kragdadigheid in terms of which whites are blamed for all our economic failures and threatened with the confiscation of their property without compensation.

The resurgence of kragdadigheid takes place against the background of state capture which was designed to enable and support rampant corruption.

The ultimate devil which orchestrated state capture was, of course, non other than Jacob Zuma.

In a previous post I argued that Zuma initiated the resurgence of kragdadigheid to hide his failures and manoevered Ramaphosa, his successor, to adopt the same policy in a vain attempt to regain support lost to the EFF.

On the eve of Zuma's recent court appearance university students dominated the night vigil organised in his honour.

After the court appearance Zuma addressed a huge crowd of enthusiastic mostly young followers.

The question is why were supposedly intelligent university students lionizing an ogre who had recently brought the economy of their country to its knees through relentless corruption on a scale which justifies treason charges.

As already mentioned, Ramaphosa embraced polarizing kragdadigheid to attract the political support of the EFF.

However the unintended effect of kragdadigheid is that it enhances the irrational support of criminals such as Zuma.

This is ironic given that Ramaphosa would have us believe that his mission is to root out characters like Zuma from the ANC and the government.

Now how does kragdadigheid enhance support for Zuma and associates?

When the ANC was protecting Zuma despite the deluge of evidence of state capture it was the white community who were most vocal in the condemnation of the Zuptas and the ANC.

Then the black tradition that what whites hate must be good for blacks kicked in.

It must be remembered that evidence against Zuma is complex and technical.

Most people do not follow the details of what has been happening in corporations such as ESKOM and PRASA.

They simply follow their gut feeling.

The demonization of whites, which is the effect of current kragdadigheid, sends the message that whites are bad and antagonistic to blacks and deserve to be punished.

It follows that when whites hate a particular black person then it is likely that the black person is good for other blacks because whites are assumed to to be always concocting evil against the blacks.

I would argue that Zuma is benefitting handsomely from such attitudes.

Themba Mdlalose

8th April 2018