Recently our zero school fees schools have experienced unruly behavior from learners as teachers become victim of this sort of behavior.

There are many factors leading to such incident bullying, peer pressure, low self- esteem that the reason why other learners carry dangerous objects to protects themselves from their offenders.

What is happening in our township schools is it shocking and terrible thing which shows the level of decay in public schools.

No child should be carrying a weapon to school!

First how did he get the knife?

It shows parents are not involved in their children school work or how they are progressing at school.

With this negligence from parents, it is easy for any bullied child or gangster child to carry any dangerous objects into their bags and bring them in the school yard.

The lack of security measures at school gates make it worse as the school yards will be turn into gangster paradise.

One can ask about the safety at school yard.

Does the school not have guards who search their satchels and school bags?

This will sound as if learners are been treated as criminals but again it is about the safety of school environment created for learning.

A learner must come to school to learn - nothing else.

Teachers have the responsibility to act as part-time parents during time of learning as their parents are at work or elsewhere meaning teachers spend most of the time with this school children as compared to their parents.

In terms of character building and behaviour it is the responsibility of teachers to build them although our children sometime lack manners towards elderly people but with the amount of time teachers have, it is possible to build that young mind.

Young people this days are taking teaching as a career and for some it more than that - a calling to build a nation.

Headmasters and teachers must tell us how this happened and Department Of Education should come up with the plan of protecting teachers from dangerous children in the school environment and if it means the child should be expelled from school due to carrying dangerous objects, their parents should be held accountable.


Should corporal punishment be brought back as solution?

No, we should consider there are other religion apart from Christianity in the country and the law cannot be based on one faith as other religion sees it as violence to children.

Should parents be blamed for this misbehaviour of their children?

Definitely YES, as it will make them become involved in their children lives and school work and be available at school if they are needed.