Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

Have the Zuptas and the corrupt ANC done the Whites a favour......

My initial reaction on joining my first "Activist" Group was:

"Its all white,we are going to have to get Black participation in order to be seen as legitimate or we will just be written off as another white whinging right wing group"

My next question was:

Are there any Black people who are thinking like us?

After spending the day on the net and perusing various Groups the answer is definitely YES.....of course just like us they have their fair share of trolls,revolutionaries,window lickers and Jedi Knights......


there appears to be a large number of Black people who are just as fed up as us............


My feeling is that after 94 feelings were very strong on both sides and the divide between black and white would have taken a long time to heal.

Despite Mandela's "Rainbow Nation" the facts were that we minority whites had lost power the blacks were in charge and going to run the country happily ever after.........and then the corruption started........culminating in the stinking pile of sh*t we are left with today.

Zuma by dragging the country to the edge of the precipice and showing us all the horror that lay within may have inadvertently created the "New" non racial,democratic,resistance.

The black people are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to,they did not get the Bosses House,or his Mercedes,they did not get educated and they did not get the good jobs with lots of money..................

This has created a "dissident" black faction who are also fed up and want the same goals as us.

The ANC despite its racist rhetoric is forcing blacks to oppose the regime and think on the same lines as the white minority.

After viewing what the possible future holds under ANC rule I believe that both whites and blacks would be a lot more amenable to compromise in the interests of a better future.

We as the white minority need to join with the black thinkers to create a strong non racial force for change.

If we can do this it will ensure our survival and perhaps create the rainbow nation we all deserve.

This post may ruffle some feathers.........it is entirely my personal opinion.