What the hell is going on PART 2

What the hell is going on PART 2

This is a follow-up on an article I wrote last week where I put forward some thoughts on the train arson epidemic plaguing the Cape.

Read : What the hell is going on...

Now I am not conceited enough to think that the article was in any way a trigger to the statements that were made by the ANC's Transport Minister Blade Mzimande, PRASA,  the SAPS and Brett Herron (Mayoral Committee for Transport) but they did address the issue.

Well sort of...

In the last 8 days there have been 3 train arson attacks which cost over R50 MILLION and over the last few years there have been too many more, more than 150 carriages!!!

Herron is quoted as saying the following:

"Our commuter rail system is under relentless attack and this is clearly not opportunistic crime, but a well orchestrated program of sabotage!"

About time SOMEONE said SOMETHING!!!


Now if what Herron says is based on hard intelligence and it is "SABOTAGE" then that means the following:

"SABOTAGE" is an act of "TREASON" !!!

And "TREASON" is a very serious crime!

Until recently "TREASON" was a CAPITAL OFFENCE!

And still is in many modern countries!!!

However with all the bleeding hearts putting the rights of criminals above the rights of victims, as well as the ineffectual way that the ruling ANC have been enforcing the laws of the land for more than 20 years it is now probably a "slap on the wrist" crime.

A "You Bad Man, now go home free!" type of situation.

With "TREASON" the assets, the wealth, the ability for the country to operate effectively and efficiently is being destroyed.


Where does the money to replace all the damaged and destroyed infrastructure come from?

Out of our pockets is where!

And in my opinion the "WHY" they were doing it is not a question that even deserves to be asked, never mind to be considered as a mitigating circumstance IF EVER these "TRAITORS" are brought to book.

In my opinion the ones that are doing this AND THEIR MASTERS who put them up to it should be lined up against a very public wall AND SHOT!!!

EXECUTED for TREASON against South Africa!!!

Enough is enough and it has now become TOO MUCH!!!