Why am I getting put int FB Jail all the time?

Why am I getting put int FB Jail all the time?

I think I have figured out why I am getting put in Facebook Jail so often!

On the UnCapturedSA page I found this "post" which is dated AFTER my last "sentence" started.

The complaint


But no mention is made of WHAT "private blad" she is talking about as everyone can see in the image.

I only post to groups that I am a member in good standing of.


I CANNOT post to anywhere else!

Also, neither I nor UnCapturedSA can control where our posts are being shared to.

So if someone else does a share then that is on that person, not us !


Now a lot of ANC / EFF / BLF / (and on and on) would like the truth to "disappear" and there are a lot of "TROLLS" around trying to get that to happen.


But I find it really sad that someone who claims to be "for the truth" (according to what I saw on her page) is in fact helping the TROLLS.




Telling someone to stop doing something that they themselves are probably not doing AFTER you have gotten them jailed?

How screwed up is that?

Maybe a "TROLL in disguise" ??

What do you think???