Why the media hates talking about South Africa

Why the media hates talking about South Africa

There are things happening DAILY that are not reported!


The reason they don't want to talk about it is because the world sanctioned the hell out of SA and forced them to change their laws.

Which on the face of it was a good thing as there was a lot wrong in the "ols South Africa".

Now we have the results of the worlds decision to interfere in SA are showing!

The rest of the world would have to admit their responsibility in what's happening in SA, and they would have to admit they were wrong in simply handing South Africa over to a bunch of under-qualified "struggle movement miscreants".

Simply handing the country over to the ANC who, like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe, turned the country into a corrupt, violent, (reverse) racist lunatic assylum where the people who provide jobs and grow the food are tortured and murdered on a daily basis in the most horrible ways that in some cases are unimaginable has set a genocide in motion.

Apartheid has been used as an excuse by every politician for their failures for more than 20 years while everything is falling to pieces in our beautiful country.

Most people believes everything seen on the biased media of SA.

We hardly see anything about farm murders on media, about how they are being tortured, small children being raped in front of their parents, crucified on kitchen tables and many more unimaginable horrors.

Will this go on unnoticed forever?

And then we aren't even talking about the so called leaders who are basically instigating murder on the so called "boere".

But do not expect that anything will change any time soon because "there are none so deaf as those who WILL NOT HEAR".


UnCapturedSA was but a small part of the overwhealming outcry by the citizens of South Africa that eventually lead to the Zuma and his cabal of corruption and greed being taken into hand by the ruling party and that was thanks to our readers, supporters and authors.

We as individuals and groups, the "Social Media Warriors", were directly instrumental in bringing down the firm of Bell Pottinger who were the primary force behind the mis-information campaign designed to further the cause of Zuma, the Guptas and other criminals and that caused immeasurable harm to South Africa.

Now we as THAT COMMUNITY know how to bring an issue into focus, take the collective noses of the people in their ivory towers of power and rub those noses in the "inconvenient truths" that they would rather ignore.

So lets do it!!!

Let us now grind those ignoring noses in the truth about "Farm Murders", the politicians that are promoting these despicable actions, the political leaders that turn a blind eye to the death and destruction happening daily basis.

Without YOUR help it will not happen, each and every one of you!!!

The big difference between UnCapturedSA and other so called "NEWS" organizations is that WE ARE CITIZEN REPORTERS - EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US !!!

We are NOT professional writers, WE WRITE FROM THE HEART!

So if you have anything to say, have witnessed anything or have knowledge that needs to be made as public as possible then please send it to us at article@uncapturedsa.co.za and we will be happy to get your thoughts and reports to the world.