Why are we all being so idiotic

Why are we all being so idiotic

Everybody and his (or her) dog is becoming so obsessed with the farcical "meeting of the idiots" that is going on at NASREC during mid December 2017 that it is becoming ridiculous!

But WHY are we all so worried about it and giving it so much attention?

Another 5 year term of South Africa being governed by the ANC under the leadership of either NDZ or CR (or anyone else they would care to name for that matter) will be a catastrophe for OUR country!

There is no denying that - it is a fact!

However what can anyone other than the approximately 5000 "party sheeple" that will be attending the PARTY (conference) do about the outcome?

The answer in a word is NOTHING!

Let us recognize it for what it is - a bunch of greedy and scared politicians at the feeding trough trying desperately to figure out how to keep the gravy train going and how to put themselves in the best position to get the biggest share of the spoils of corruption that they can.

SHOULD we care about who they "elect" as the next "King (or Queen) of the Trough"?

No we should not!

What we SHOULD be doing is building on what we have already managed to achieve and that is informing our fellow citizens of South Africa about the state of capture that has been allowed to take hold in our country.

We SHOULD be planning, organizing and developing strategies that will shine the harsh light of truth on those that are plundering our beloved country.

Instead of WASTING our energy speculating over the outcome we SHOULD be investigating our options.

There are a number of options available, some viable, some maybe not so viable - but they are there.

Check them out, investigate them, THEN PICK ONE!

And then become involved - not just as a "Like Button Warrior" but as someone who is there to make a difference!

All that time taken by all the people discussing the "NASREC trough" and the pigs feeding there would be FAR BETTER SPENT making sure that those pigs do not get yet another 5 year feast at OUR EXPENSE by treating South Africa as their own "Animal Farm".

How about it? Are you in?