Will minorities survive black nationalism?

Will minorities survive black nationalism?

It is with grave concern that I witness a tide of black nationalism that is sweeping over the land of South Africa.

I have first noticed it with the Fallist movement at universities that of course began with the Rhodes "Must Fall" movement, aided and promoted by Iqbal Surve's Cape Times newspaper.

It has continued with the "give back the land" slogan and narrative which is of course mostly driven by black nationalists in the EFF and ANC parties.

The reason these parties fell back on black nationalism and populism is because their looting and cadreship deployment is leading to a total collapse of the economy and everything that was once working in South Africa.

A man like Malema is also realising that the law is closing in on him slowly but surely seeing that the uncapturing of SARS could affect his tax dodging funders in the tobacco industry and possible re-instatement of criminal fraud charges against him on the horizon.

So what they did is jump on the dangerous populist bandwagon, a nationalist/socialist [or nazi] one in the case of the EFF - to stave off their political demise as the population started to lose confidence in them.

This direction can only possibly end up with us becoming a second Zimbabwe.

We have already seen that 90 % of BEE "redistributed" farms have ended up in total ruin.

Most of these redistributed farms have been allocated to a group of people, or collective.

This is a pure communist/socialist approach which has not worked anywhere in the world where it was implemented.

We are curently witnessing the "roadshows" held all over the country where the community can give their input on the abolishment of section 25 of the Constitution, making expropriation of land without compensation possible.

What is up with that?

If you stand on a street corner and promise freebies, would you expect people saying no?

This is essentially what the land grab roadshows are all about.

Promising free things in exchange for votes.

Only problem is, how do you "redistribute " land to over 50 million black people?

I mean how big is everyone's farm going to be?

And of course the government's own study indicate that white people have control over no more than 22 % or so of South Africa's land anyway.

READ : Land Audit Report of November 2017

In all this doom and gloom consider what happened to the first peoples of South Africa, the Khoi and the San.

Hence my question : Can minorities survive the rise of black nationalism?

Minorities in Africa must fear the dominant nature of black nationalism.

When black tribes entered the current South Africa from central Africa, they found the Khoi and San tribes already here.

They were brown in colour.

They spoke a language with a click sound.

They were found all over South Africa.

Today your southern Nguni tribes are also lighter skinned than Africans from up north.

They also have a click sound in their language.

It is because the black tribes intermingled with the Khoi and San tribes?

Almost nothing remains of the Khoi and San tribes!

All that remains is a lighter skinned African population with a language with a click sound.

The only question is "Was that amalgamation between black African and Khoi/San voluntary or forced?"

Anyways it is clear which was the dominant one.

Today nothing changed, did it ?