Women need to start acting decisively in this country.

Women need to start acting decisively in this country.

I'm very passionate about women's issues.

And someone picked my brains this morning and made me sit up straight.

She's right.

Women need to start acting decisively in this country.

We're mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters. We bring life to this world, nurture and sustain it.

And we hold our homes tight as pillars, both as spouses and single parents.

We' are capable of anything!

We're the rocks.

We are presently bombarded with the worst forms of racism, hatred, sexual violence and general lawlessness.

And this from mostly men.

Our partners and spouses do and say these things.

They're violent and abusive to other people out there.

And they come back home to us and become sweetie pies.

And we keep quiet? Our silence is the same as consenting!!!

It says we agree with what they're doing or saying.

That it is fine to behave the way they do.

Are we?

It says a lot about me as a woman the kind of man that I allow in my space.

The patriarchal system has been with us since human existence began.

And women have fought tooth and nail against it.

But some have accepted it as a norm.

We get disrespected, belittled and insulted in so many forms.

Our dignities and credibilities are questioned everywhere.

Every day.

Only on the basis of being women.

And personally having no voice in your partner's morality is a form of abuse.

Why are most women quiet against this onslaught of bad behaviour by their men?

Are we waiting for it to happen to us before we realise it's out of control?

If your man can behave like a skunk to someone else he can do it to you one day.

What then?

It doesn't matter what the reason is, no one needs to be treated like shit.

Let's stand up as women and stop this scourge against other individuals.

We can.