Words of Wisdom from the ANC

Words of Wisdom from the ANC

Recently the Minister of Water and Sanitation said in a speech while trying to address the water situation that South Africans should save tap water by drinking other forms of liquids.

She said people don't always have to drink tap water as any form of liquid can help when you are thirsty and stressed.

She recalled how she and a friend were lost in the mountains of Bloemfontein when they were young.

There were no dams or rivers nearby.

Lost for about a day they ended up drinking dog pee.

Their stress was gone instantly and they were able to find their way back home.

If you are stressed, maybe you should try it out she said as it can also help save a lot of water.

Another senior government official told an ANC meeting that the water shortage was in part caused by the whites in the previous administration building the dams too large.

The SA Minister of Health addressed a crowd of about 25,000 woman on International Woman's Day.

She said:
"Woman are a special gift from God.
Without them we would not be here.
Big up's to every pregnant woman out there.
Have less sex or no sex while you are pregnant.
Your baby in you can also get pregnant if you have sex while you are pregnant, especially if she is a girl"

The Minister of Home Affairs was reported as saying that some people in our country have their birthdays on the day they were born and went on to say :
"We want to ensure that this is correct on their ID's as well.
Our system will also accommodate those whose birthdays are not on the days they were born"

The country is in safe hands!!