You cant be mayor - you are white

You cant be mayor - you are white

In what must be a first in the world, a metropolitan mayor, Mr Athol Trollip of the Democratic Alliance, will be removed due to his "WHITENESS".

Dont worry, you are not the only one who was gob-smacked on hearing news that a South African mayor will be removed simply on the basis of his skin colour.

I was as well !!! AND it gets worse !!!

The radical black nationalist and hard (VERY HARD) communist Economic Freedom Party leader, Julius Malema, has also said twice and I quote him :

"We are going to remove a mayor of PE... We are going for your white man in PE. We are going to cut the throat."

The Democratic Alliance has indicated that they will take Malema to the Equality Court for hate speech.

The DA party scored the highest number of votes in the local government elections in 2016 in the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality and appointed Mr Athol Trollip as the mayor of a coalition local administration in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth).

The DA at the time entered into an agreement with the EFF stating that the EFF wont vote against the appointment of DA mayors in 3 mayor metropolitan cities - Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape and Johannesburg and Tshwane in Gauteng.

The EFF's Malema however is known as an unsurpassed opportunist and hater of white people, this is certainly no secret.

Whilst Malema was still the leader of the ANC Youth Wing, he regularly sang the song called "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer".

The civil rights group Afriforum took Malema to the Equality Court in an effort to stop him from singing this hate song and won the case in 2011 , preventing Malema from singing the song in future.

He has in the past, whilst still the head of the ANC youth wing, ran up a tax bill with the South African Revenue Service of R16 million after never registering as a taxpayer in his life.

This after buying a farm in Limpopo and a luxury house of around R4 million in Sandton that he demolished to build a bigger one in the place of it.

Malema and Lesiba_GwangwaThe National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) charged Malema in connection with charges of fraud, corruption, money-laundering and racketeering after Malema was fingered in a case of tender rigging to the value of R52 million involving a front company called On Point Engineering in Limpopo that belonged to his friend Lesiba Gwangwa.

This company's modus operandi was to clinch inflated tenders with the Limpopo Provincial Government where Malema had great influence as the ANC youth leader.

Malema appeared in court on these charges several times but the case was struck off the roll in the Polokwane High Court on August 4, 2015.

The case was struck off the role because an co-accused in the case, Kagiso Dichabe, had failed to appear in court on several occasions and the State did not want to separate the case so that Malema and Dichabe can stand trial separately.

Judge Mathle ruled that the case had been dragging on too long because of the State's inability to ensure the presence of all accused in court at the same time.

The accused were initially charged in September 2012 on charges which allegedly involves a tender from the Department of Transport, Safety, Security and Liaison worth R52 million.

The conclusion may well be drawn that elements in the NPA conspired with Malema to sabotage the case by wilfully not trying very hard to make sure all accused come to court because they knew that the case will be struck off the role eventually.

The NPA in South Africa is known as dysfunctional and faction ridden.

The Public Protector, Adv Thuli Madonsela, also brought out a hard hitting report about the same tender rigging involving Malema called "On the point of tenders".

The Daily Maverick news website has described the PP report in this way:

"The findings are damning and read like a guide on how to turn connections and lies into Range Rovers and Breitlings".

Adv Madonsela also recommended that further actions and investigations be instituted by the NPA and Asset Forfeiture Unit.

In fact Malema's farm was indeed seized by the asset Forfeiture Unit and auctioned off.

For the record, Mr Athol Trollip has an impeccable history as a liberal politician of the DA and its predecessors the Democratic Party (DP) and the Progressive Federal Party (PFP) which he joined in 1980.

The PFP was known as opposing the policies of apartheid as implemented by the National party at the time.

Mr Trollip is also a fluent speaker of the isiXhosa language spoken in his native Eastern Cape province.

Some EFF supporters claim that the EFF is ejecting Mr Trollip because of the DA voting against the motion brought by the EFF in Parliament for Parliament to investigate the changing of the Constitution to make expropriation of property without compensation possible.

The EFF was overwhelmingly supported in this motion by the governing ANC and smaller parties that jumped on the black nationalist bandwagon.

This argument however is totally ridiculous when considering that Malema has said very clearly that the EFF will keep the black DA mayors of Tshwane and Johannesburg in place.

The EFF holds the king-maker role in these 2 municipalities as well.

The EFF also fully knew the DA's stance with regards expropriation without compensation when entering into local government agreements in 2016.

It might well be argued that the recall of Jacob Zuma as President of the country by the ANC has everything to do with the EFF stepping up their radical program because in the past it was clear that Malema was never really against the ANC but only against Jacob Zuma.

Malema was expelled by the ANC when Jacob Zuma was ANC leader.

The EFF has always thrived on grabbing headlines through radical rhetoric and "white people bashing" and it worked for them in the past.

With Zuma out of the way, they need to step up their rhetoric because their single reason for existence in the past, Jacob Zuma, is there no more.

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