You will never get justice when the criminals make the rules

You will never get justice when the criminals make the rules

We have a small number of immensly talented journalists in the country. Unfortunately we dont have enough of the calibre of Jacques Pauw and Pieter-Louis Myburgh, writers of the books The Presidents Keepers and Republic of Gupta respectively.

We owe these fine journalists an immense amount of gratitude for giving us a permanent record, through their books, of the almost unimaginable and industrial scale criminal organized crime activities of the Gupta and Zuma crime families.

Now there are reports in the media that the chicken-hawks or is that canary-hawks are in the process of trumping up charges against these journalists , the sole purpose to intimidate, to harass and to try and silence them.

It is a sorry state of affairs when the law enforcers are in fact the protectors of the people who stole hundreds of thousands of billions, and brought the economy to its knees in the process.

This harass and intimidation tactics have been used many times before against people who stood up against the looting and has never resulted in any convictions in court. But then the purpose is not to get convictions, the purpose is to harass and intimidate and disrupt the people who are doing their best to reveal the true state of the looting.

We as South Africans must never accept a situation where the innocent are hunted and the looters, who stole hundreds of thousands of billions, get away. We must say, if they touch Jacques and Pieter-Louis, they touch us all.

So gentlemen, be ready for the tactics of the Zupta goonsquad. The first thing they will do, upon arrest, is to take your phones for download, to see who your contacts are. The second thing they will do is arrest you on a Friday, so they can keep you in a filthy cell for the weekend. Be ready for them, get a good password for your phone and computer and refuse to hand that over to the goonboys