How was born and what we want to achieve

 How was born and what we want to achieve

This website is a website like no other, and might be the first of its kind in the world.

This website came about as a collaboration of people who have never physically met before, but met online through Facebook.

An idea was thrown up in the air, somebody said he has the knowledge to build the site, at own cost, and others, with full time other employment, agreed to act as permanent contributors, simply because they love their country and love the truth.

We have a daily deluge of news out there , some of it fake, some of it real, false narratives are floated around to divert and redirect attention away from state capture and state plunder. A tremendous amount of raw data is floating around in the digital space and in newspapers.

The concept of this site is simply to make sense of it all. The concept is that we will have an ever expanding group of volunteer permanent contributors who will write opinion pieces and well researched articles, using data and facts floating all around, to write an opinion piece that will explain why things are happening the way they are. We will be connecting the dots.

We will be revealing facts that were never revealed before.

We will be exploring what it is that we need to make this country work, and get rid of the toxic legacy of the state capture syndicate.

And it will be the place where you can share your uncaptured thought, because guest articles will be welcomed and shared.

It will most probably become the number one online destination where South Africans from all walks of life will converge to talk to each other, and get to know each other better, because we will be fully interactive with most social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

It is a unique website, taking full advantage of the digital age .

So if you want to be more informed, even entertained, this site will be for you.

If you have something really important to say, this website is for you.

This site has as its goal to prove that South Africans can talk to each other, without it degenerating into a shouting match . For this to happen we will always need to remember two key words, that of resistance and respect. We need to resist, because the country is not on the right path, but we need respect for each other to resist together. Without respect, their can be no shared resistance to the status quo. If we are going to uncapture ourselves from racial division, the little word of respect will be our key.

This is the place where the state capture supporting trolls will be unwelcome, but ordinary South Africans concerned with what the future hold will put their heads together and start forging a better and uncaptured tomorrow, together.

This is our vision, and our vision need your uncaptured input to succeed.