Vigilante Justice or Citizen Justice - Think About It

 Vigilante Justice or Citizen Justice - Think About It

Mainstream Media has failed us for the most part which is why so many people are relying on Citizen Reporting as a credible news source these days.

But what about JUSTICE???

Two separate reports in todays newspapers tell how in the one case, 3 "burglars" were evidently stoned to death in the early hours of Saturday morning in the suburb of Mandalay and in another incident, 2 "thugs" were killed and a third put in hospital in a critical condition doing a "drive by" attack on Saturday morning in Bonteheuwel.

In both cases it was the local residents that "took care of business".

A total of 6 criminals felt the wrath of the local community and were dealt with accordingly.

Is this "Vigilante Justice" or "Social Justice"?

If there was an efficient law enforcement strategy in place one might argue that it was "Vigilante Justice".

However, the police either cannot or will not deal with these matters in an effective way so it can probably be considered "Social Justice".

In other words, SOCIETY is left with no alternative other than serving justice on the criminal perpetrators themselves otherwize in effect there would be no justice at all.

In some areas hardly a week goes by without at least one (and often more) innocent child becoming the victim of indiscriminate criminal acts.

These communities seem to have come to the consensus that if they do not deal with the problem then no-one will - and they are sick and tired of burying their young and innocent children.

And of course the government is doing nothing about it except making speeches and telling everyone about the "latest plan" which like all the other plans, WILL IN ALL PROBABILITY NOT WORK !!!

As far as crime is concerned, the government does not have a weak spine, THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO SPINE AT ALL !!!

The government will of course call these actions "VIGILANTISM" and point out that "VIGILANTISM" is also a "CRIMINAL ACT" but after these pompous and self-serving declarations nothing will be done to protect the public from the criminals.

This is government telling law abiding citizens that the rights of the victims are far less important than the rights of the criminals !!

However, these acts of "CITIZEN JUSTICE" is the public, THE VICTIMS, telling government that there WILL BE JUSTICE and that if government will not see to justice being served on the CRIMINALS then the citizens will perform the meting out of the justice needed.

Both the communities mentioned above are in the "Cape Flats" but if the government does not do something to DRASTICALLY REDUCE ALL CRIME ACROSS THE COUNTRY then unfortunately I can see that this sort of "Citizen Justice" will become the norm throughout South Africa.

People are attacked, robbed and murdered in their homes, in their businesses, on their farms, across the length and breadth of this country and all that the government does is duck the issue and let it go unresolved.

It is indeed a sad day when the citizens of a country have to take the law into their own hands because their government is too weak to deal with the criminals.