WHY are we putting up with it?

WHY are we putting up with it?

Our children and grandchildren suffocate to death in dug up dark holes called toilets with faeces and maggots in places of safety like schools.

Our mentally ill are chucked into the back of bakkies and thrown around like bags of potatoes, taken to unsafe places where they die slow painful death from hunger and dehydration.

Our elderly and sick stand in long queues in dilapidated government hospitals and clinics waiting for uncaring professionals, who themselves are sick and tired of the constant abuse given to them by their employer, to find time to treat them.

While some collapse in those long queues, the rest are lying on the cold floors and groaning from both physical and emotional pain caused by a government that just doesn't care.

Our young girls are thrown into speeding cars by illegal foreign nationals, raped, strangled and brutally murdered in ditches far away from home.

Our farmers live in constant fear as the haters hunt and kill them like wild animals while our country has dire shortages of basic food.

Our young graduates are sitting at home unemployed, increasing the burden of unemployment and poverty, while crime statistics are skyrocketing.

We've become prisoners in our own homes with high walls and expensive security systems while the police are sipping coffee in their offices or doing shopping with government vehicles.

Our children's education has been reduced to shambles by a system that is more concerned about the quantity of passes than the quality of the education received by the graduates.

More than half the population is in abject poverty and can barely afford one lousy meal a day.

And we prioritise land as a matter of urgency?

Who's family are all these people?

Yours, mine and everybody's.

And we simply don't care what happens to them or any of us.

As long as the ANC stays in power.

Because it's a Black government.

And we'll always be patriotic no matter the cost.

Billions of our tax money have left the country's coffers and found their way into foreign bank accounts with South African citizen's names attached to them.

People we know.

ANC aligned people of the highest ranks.

One of my greatest regrets is voting for the ANC in 1994.

That one time was when my sanity temporarily left me.

Because I believed in Madiba.

He stood up for everything we all aspired for.

But I had a rude awakening midway during his term.

I realised he was surrounded by evil, delusional, racists who used him and all of us to achieve their agenda of gaining power and wealth through our blood, sweat and tears.

The majority of Black South Africans have never tasted any freedom or benefitted from any government.

They shifted from one slave master to the next all their lives.

It's just a matter of who's more brutal than the other.

Why then are the majority of Black people still keeping the ANC in power?

Are we such prisoners of hope that we are even prepared to shut our eyes against everything that's manifesting itself in front of us?

Are we willing to take the risk of falling into a pit we might never come out of just because we refuse to acknowledge the truth confronting us?