Is GladAfrica Malemas new sugar daddy ?

Is GladAfrica Malemas new sugar daddy ?

It is essential that the full truth about GladAfrica's tender with the City of Tshwane is revealed because it might just happen that GladAfrica is involved in funding the EFF.

Dots need to be connected.

I am astounded by the similarities between the massive tender that City of Tshwane City Manager Moeketsi Mosola awarded to GladAfrica in secret last year and the tender awarded by the Limpopo Department of Roads and Transport in 2009 to a  company that Julius Malema had a share in through his Ratanang family trust .

The company was called On-Point Engineers .

The 2 deals are virtually a copy and paste job of each other.

The GladAfrica deal is  the On-Point Engineers deal all over and reloaded, but this time on steroids.

Red flags are going up all over the place and the alarms clocks are going off so loudly that you can virtually see an image in your mind of a burglar running away with a bag of money over his shoulder.

But who do we call for help ?

And the EFF has said that they will remove Tshwane mayor Tshepiso Msimanga today because he suspended City Manager Mosola.

Put one and one together and you will see that Msimanga must have turned off the EFF's money tap by investigating the GladAfrica deal.

What other possible reason could there be for the EFF's sudden withdrawal of support for mayor Msimanga ?

No other reason was given by the EFF publicly.

Only that they are unhappy about Msimanga's suspension of Mosola.

Just to sum up very shortly :

Mosola appointed GladAfrica in November last year to act as the City of Tshwane's outsourced Project Management unit - PMU for short.

The Sunday Times has reported on the GladAfrica deal for 3 Sundays in a row and it is a real trough eating exercise.

The long suffering City of Tshwane ratepayers gets fleeced in 2 different ways.

First GladAfrica takes a 10 % commission of each project it manages for the City which will amount to R1, 2 billion out of a total infrastructure budget of R12 billion.

GladAfrica also charges the city between R2,000 and R4,000 an hour for contracting skilled professionals such as engineers, project managers, accountants and legal experts.


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We need to revisit Malema's involvement with On-Point Engineers to see the similarities and to see the real motive for the EFF's withdrawal of support for mayor Msimanga.

We will do that in a short  and summarized way with links provided for your further reading .

In 2009, the Limpopo Department of Road and Transport set up a Programme Management Unit (PMU) to take over many of the department's functions in planning, contracting for and overseeing road works.

In a twist at odds with Malema's stance on nationalisation, it outsourced the running of the unit to On-Point Engineers for three years at a fee of R52 million.

Until 2009 the bulk of the work that was to be carried out  by the PMU was done by the Roads Agency of Limpopo (RAL).

The awarding of the tender to On-Pont was a total scam and On-Point Engineers was created with the specific goal of getting the PMU tender.

In short the tender was designed for On-Point Engineers and it was always going to go to On-Point Engineers.

The Ratanang Family Trust, founded by Malema, held shares in On-Point Engineering.

This means that Malema had at least indirect influence over who was awarded tenders from a three-year budget allocation of reportedly R4.6-Billion.

On-Point Engineering then proceeded to dish out tenders to companies linked to Malema and his friends and family, his business partner in On-Point, Lesiba Gwangwa, and his friend and political ally, Limpopo premier Cassel Mathale.


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After receiving 3 complaints about the On-Point tender, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela did an investigation and found  the department's actions were "unlawful, improper" and constituted "maladministration".

Regarding On-Point's actions, she believes "a crime has been committed".

She found Malema and his business partner, Lesiba Gwangwa, had "benefitted improperly from the unlawful, fraudulent and corrupt conduct of On-Point and maladministration of the department".


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The SAPS also did an investigation but the case was eventually struck from the roll because a co-accused did not pitch up for the court case.

Afriforum was the original complainant and they indicated this year they will privately prosecute in the matter if the NPA refuses to do so.


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On-Point Engineers was closely intertwined with SGL Engineers, a company belonging to Lesiba Gwangwa, who was owner of On-Point as well.

Malema was also a director of SGL Engineers.

On-Point Engineers sub contracted out to SGL Engineers, although they had the same owners.

This was double dipping.


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Gwangwa reportedly also had forced contractors to sign secret "back-to-back" agreements, which entitled the company to share the proceeds of the tenders it awarded or be entitled to between 50 and 90 percent of the total value of the profit of the contracts it issued through the PMU.


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Malema benefitted through On-Point Engineers through regular dividend payments that he received from On-Point Engineers.

Thuli Madonsela found that On-Point paid R2.17 Million through R100,000-a-month dividends into Malema's Ratanang Family Trust over 17 months.


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The Ratanang trust did not only benefit from On-Point Engineers.

Allegations were made that various businessmen paid amounts into Ratanang Trust.

A  businessman who moves in Malema's circle of friends and associates, told City Press he deposited R200,000 into the trust's bank account after Malema facilitated a government tender for his benefit.

According to him, there are at least 20 other business people who do the same.

According to the firm's website, On-Point and by extension, Malema's family trust have benefited from at least eight other ­government tenders, excluding the project management unit ­contract.

This includes the construction of a high school, the upgrading of roads from gravel to tar and sewer reticulation in the Mopani District Municipality.

City Press can reveal that On-Point is a growing enterprise.

It was recently appointed by the ­provincial local government and housing department (run by ­Clifford Motsepe, a close Malema ally) as consulting engineers on a low-cost ­housing project near ­Seshego.


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To do some further reading how various businessmen paid large amounts into the Ratanang Trust , read the following article.


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I could go on the whole day providing links on this matter,

but I think you get the point by now.