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Convention has it that there are several types of ‘truth’. The philosopher Protogoras famously declared “man is the measure of all things,” arguing that truth is relative and influenced by perception. Plato, on the other hand, believed that ‘truth’ exists outside human control.

It is safe to contend that, which is ‘truth’ to one person, does not ipso facto translate to ‘truth’ for another person, unless of course, the ‘truth’ is an objective one. For example, one plus one will always be two. It is an objective ‘truth’ as envisaged by Plato. It cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be argued that it can be any other number.

Accusations of a criminal wrongdoing is a very serious matter and must therefore be based on the truth. It must be supported by objective evidence, such as scientific evidence, in addition to what witnesses observed and not what a person expediently thinks he or she observed, because the person on the receiving end of the allegation’s liberty and dignity is at stake. There is no room for perceptions, conjecture, or emotions, nor mendacity. It is a basic tenant within the scope of jurisprudence. To argue otherwise, is advocating jungle justice, where innocent people are incarcerated or their reputation ruined, because an aggrieved party conjures up that a criminal wrongdoing took place.


Which takes us to self-proclaimed ‘psychosocial councilor’, John GI Clarke, who regularly advocates for a better dispensation for whistleblowers on various platforms, including printed and electronic media. He did not respond to a question by uncapturedsa, if he is registered with the HPCSA. He takes issue with ministers of parliament, the president, esteemed journalists, the judiciary and academia. Whereas such endeavours must be commended by default, it gets complicated, if those endeavours are contaminated by self-assured hubris and deceit.

A case in point is Clarke, assuming the role of water carrier for a con-artist, Aristides Danikas, vilifying innocent police officers, who colloquially became known as the ‘Cato Manor Death Squad’.

Notwithstanding overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Clarke, on behalf of Danikas, perpetuates a narrative, along with rogue prosecutors within the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), that Cato Manor police officers conducted extra-judicial killings. Five of these prosecutors are now facing disciplinary hearing. Three were dismissed and one resigned.

Prosecutors placed on special leave face charges <Click on link.


Judge Gorven

Clarke conveniently ignores the fact that at least ten independent prosecutors within the NPA have examined Danikas’ evidence and found it’s probative value to be deficient. Moreover, Judge Trevor Gorven, from the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, made definitive findings regarding Danikas’ invented *evidence. The lead prosecutor, Gladstone Maema, in the Cato Manor saga, himself, expressed his reservations in a letter to Danikas’ lawyer at the time, Julian Knight, regarding Danikas’ credibility and possible involvement in criminal acts. (see Maema’s email below).

* https://www.saflii.org/za/cases/ZAKZDHC/2014/1.html <Click on link.

See e-mail below-Download.

email – prosecutor indicating possible crimes – danikas – credibility. <Click to read


Clarke somehow disregards the ‘evidence’ or rather lack thereof, in the ‘case’ against us and so too the findings of Judge Gorven. He did not respond to questions if he had read the ‘evidence’ in the dockets. He clearly did not, but deem it fit to opine on the matter. Tellingly, he brushes aside what became known as the De Kock *report. This report was commissioned by the National Director of Prosecutions, Advocate Shamila Batohi. The report was compiled by four senior advocates and confirms what six other NPA prosecutors of the NPA found. It succinctly shows how prosecutors, under the regime of the erstwhile Acting National Head of Prosecutions, Nomgcobo Jiba, collaborated to prosecute the Cato Manor officers on spurious charges. The report is instructive regarding the probative value of what Danikas purports, and the abuse perpetrated by the prosecutor, Maema, in falsely pretending that Danikas is a witness.

* https://www.scribd.com/document/471170245/De-Kock-Report <Click to read

Judge Mokgoro

Clarke expediently ignores the finding of the Mokgoro [Judge] Commission of Enquiry, where I testified regarding the aborted prosecution of Cato Manor detectives and myself. Jiba and Laurence Mwrebi were consequently fired by the President. In addition, it was reported in the media recently that three other Advocates of the NPA, Anthony Mosing, Gladstone Maema and Raymond Mathenjwa are currently facing disciplinary hearings for persecuting Cato Manor officers and myself. Another prosecutor involved in our aborted prosecution was fired for an unrelated matter and Advocate Moipone Noko resigned before her disciplinary hearing could commence. The only other witness, beside Danikas, Rajen Aiyer, was arrested and fired from the police after fabricating a case against an innocent woman. His criminal trial is scheduled for January 2024. Clarke conveniently appears oblivious to this.

Rajen Aiyer. Fired from SAPS. Facing serious criminal charges.

https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2019-04-26-ramaphosa-upholds-mokgoro-recommendation-fires-jiba-and-mrwebi/ <Click to read.

Chief Justice Zondo

In uncontested evidence of the erstwhile NDPP, Mxolisi Nxasana ,at the Zondo Commission of Enquiry into State Capture, Mr Nxasana told Judge Zondo ‘There was not a shred of evidence’ to charge Booysen.

Renowned prosecutor Willie Hofmeyer also testified that the statements of Danikas and Aiyer did not link Booysen to the offense he was charged with.

Not a shred of evidence against Booysen ex NDPP tells Zondo <Click to read what Nxasana told Judge Zondo.


Judge Ngoepe

In adding insult to injury, Clarke assisted Danikas in a complaint against Daily Maverick newspaper. Danikas’ grievance was that he was not given the right of reply. Clarke approached esteemed journalism Professor, Anton Harber, to arrange a meeting with me, under the ruse that he wanted me to assist him in finding the murderer of his deceased friend in the Transkei. Clarke knew very well that I was a witness in the Daily Maverick matter yet failed to disclose it to either Harber or myself. Instead, he misrepresented why he wanted to meet me, in an apparent failed attempt to illicit incriminating information against me, which he and Danikas could use at the hearing. This, at a minimum was disingenuous if not downright dishonest. He garnered my assistance in what appears to be a noble cause, but in the meantime lied to Professor Harber and me to advance his client’s case.

In an ironic twist of the Daily Maverick saga, Clarke’s client, Danikas, appealed the findings of the ombudsman regarding his complaint against Daily Maverick. His appeal was dismissed by Judge BM Ngoepe, who tellingly stated in his ruling The affidavit of Mr Booysen really tips the scale against the applicant [Danikas]


When Clarke met me under false pretenses, he handed me a signed copy of his book ‘ A Promise of Justice’. As the saying goes.’ Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ I have learnt not to trust a book by its cover.

Clarke sanctimoniously laments that Danikas was not afforded the right of reply by Daily Maverick, but do not accord me the same courtesy. He incessantly disparages me in the media yet has never approached me for comment. He inter alia claims to be a theologian. I recently invited him to a ‘Damascus experience’ and provide me with the case number to see if I can assist him in solving his deceased friend’s murder. I’m still waiting. So much of a promise of justice for a departed friend.

Danikas left South Africa in 2008 after he was suspended as a police reservist and after he persuaded a black lady, Zonke Mpheta, to invest three-hundred-thousand rand in his business, Technotronics, only to remove all the stock and selling the business without her knowledge to Jason *Joanides. (The unsolicited affidavit of Joanides’ brother below, makes for compelling reading) In the meantime Danikas secretly married his fiancée, Shelley. A lay preacher who worked at his store, conducted the ceremony in his flat in Curry Road, Durban. The obvious reason being to ensure Greek citizenship for Shelley for when they clandestinely left the country. They later had a mock ‘Greek wedding’ in Greece.

Download affidavit below. Dispels Danikas’ version emphatically.

affidavit / actual reason danikas left south africa


Danikas and Clarke usually resort to their default tactic of gaslighting and accuse those challenging their ‘views’, of ad hominum attacks, as a diversion method by those who call them out. In psychology this is referred to as projection. Accuse other what you are guilty of. In the process they want to convince any-one who cares to listen that; Judges of the High Court, Advocates from the NPA and about every single journalist in the country, sans the two discredited journalists of the ‘Sunday Times’, as well as a university professor and bestselling authors, all have it wrong, and all the while exploit other actual whistle blowers.

 Clarke is entitled to his own opinion but certainly not his own ‘facts’.



Since uncapturedsa published the article ‘Deconstructing Charlatans‘ on 1/1/2024, wherein a Greek swindler Aris Danikas is exposed. Danikas’s South African ‘psychosocial councilor’, John GI Clarke immediately leaped to the defense of Danikas. His lawyer sent a WhatsApp message to a journalist, claiming that he is being intimidated. This is obviously a distraction from the facts presented in the article. Clarke was invited to respond to the allegations before the article was published. He ignored all messages.

Clarke’s favorite inverse distraction is to paradoxically refer to ‘Brandolini ‘s Bullshit B.S. Asymmetry Principle. ‘The amount of energy needed to refute BS, is an order of magnitude bigger than the need to produce it.’ The distraction may fool the ill-informed and some of his ‘followers’, but the enlightened is not misled. Simply put, it is a bulshitter, bulshitting himself to convince his naive audience that the ‘Emperor indeed has new clothes.’ As the satirist Jonathan Swift wrote, “Falsehoods flies, and truth comes limping after it.”

In defending a fraudster such as Danikas, Clarke perverts what he piously preaches, “Challenging Social Justice“. Danikas’ ultimate goal is to destroy the lives of many innocent policeman and their families, who served their community for decades, in his pursuit of revenge, fame and fortune.

Considering the absence of any evidence regarding his client’s claims, has it ever occurred to Clarke that Danikas could be lying, and the policeman may very well be innocent? Or is he deliberately obtuse, because the facts don’t suit his agenda?

Clarke’s latest iteration is an orchestrated, regurgitated piece in a weekly paper in which his noble endeavors are, as usually, exalted.Thelast man standing’ or, being forced to raise ‘his head above the parapet’, as he sanctimoniously proclaims in other renditions. As usual, in articles he pens, the pronoun “I” takes a prominent place.

The strategy behind the ‘Clarke aggrandizing’ article, immediately after the uncapturedsa article, is embarrassingly obvious. He pats himself on the back, posting the article on X , bravely announcing Now nobody will mess with me, now that they know my Schnautzer dog Bailey is watching out for me. Hey @Danikas and @alastairmci (sic)

In the latest noteworthy development, that decimates Clarke’s and Danikas’ narrative, it is reported in ‘City Press‘ that five prosecutors are to face the music for their involvement in Cato Manor and Johan Booysen’s aborted prosecution.

Clarke, seemingly agitated by this development, took to WhatsApp group messages, decrying it and defends the rogue prosecutors. One cannot make this up. “The ‘gentleman’ doth protest too much, methinks”

City Press’ 1/2/2024, link below reports that Gladstone Sello Maema, along with prosecutors, Raymond Mathenjwa, Anthony Mosing, Mahlubi Ntlakaza and Marshal Mokgathle, have been placed on ‘special leave’ and are to face disciplinary charges.



15 thoughts on “DANIKAS v DANIKAS & JGI CLARKE

  1. Having known General Booysen for over 40 years and having had numerous discussions regarding the above-mentioned matter(s), I find it (almost) amusing to read the article written by Clarke. Apart from using “big” words, the article is devoid of any substance and truth.

  2. Well I have to concur with General Booysen I have had unfortunate dealings with Danikas where he made spurious accusations against me. I did take it up with Mr Clarke at the time. In terms of the role now played by Danikas as this self acclaimed whistleblower I personally think he should be stripped of this personal he has tried to create shrouded in shenanigans.

  3. The Greek community in Durban is disgusted. Aris lied to everyone. His business exploits among innocent black youths at the college near his store was shame.
    Also his funny stories at Vagamata nightclub He must come back and face the Greek Community in Durban.

    1. He is a disgrace to our Greek honour a Greek trial by us will remove his archithia because he will be branded a Malaka for life if he survives the Greek community wrath Nah pana fayi skata

      Well said Nokos

  4. Danikas and Clarke both seem determined to meet their own destructive ends.
    Having known Johan for many years and serving alongside him and the Cato Manor team of brilliant and dedicated policemen I never doubted their loyalty and innocence of any wrongdoing. The circumstances they worked in and the corruption they were forced to deal with would naturally result in lots of allegations against them to sow confusion and doubt regarding their conduct and credibility.
    I never doubted that the truth would prevail and the allegations exposed for what they were.
    I am proud to have known Johan for the true Officer and gentleman he is and support his endeavours to promote the truth.

    1. Danikas is currently in Greece where he purports to be the CEO of a whistleblowers group. He recently posted that he visited Washington DC to promote his cause. It will not be surprising if he receives sponsorships and donations for his ostensible noble cause- such as Amnesty International. He gets himself invited to do talks on whistleblowers where he advocates for some type of dispensation for whistleblowers. If his endeavors were not for an ulterior pupose, which is to serve his personal interests, it would be commendable. ‘Whistleblowing” is a convenient ‘side show’ for him while travelling the globe at others’ expense. Donors and sponsors ought to be aware of his shenanigans so that they can do due diligence before engaging him, piggybacking on their organization. Naturedly Danikas will protest his innocence. That is why the article above has links of affidavits, prosecutor’s memoranda and correspondence as well as links to court rulings.
      Danikas posted two video recordings on YouTube, which is the high-watermark of evidence. One video shows a person being tortured by unknown persons. Neither the tortured person nor his assailants can be identified. It is unclear when and where it took place. In an article which appeared in EURONEWS 4/12/2018 the reporter, Natalie Malgas, notably state that they could not independently verify his recordings, confirming that it could be from another country for all one knows. In the same article Danikas’ alleges that he worked in a shop in South Africa as a 17-year-old. Somehow blacks were not allowed to do shopping there, inferring racism by white South Africans. An obvious surreptitious ploy to garner empathy for the innocent poor young Aris, having to experience racism at the hand of Afrikaners. The irony of his expedient self-serving lamentation is, that the store belonged to his Greek uncle!
      He was fired by his uncle and ex-communicated by the family for telling his uncle’s wife, he cheated on her.
      The second video shows a suspect of a dying robber after a shootout with police where a policewoman makes an inappropriate comment. He falsely accuses SAPS of waiting for the man to die before summoning the ambulance. The medical response’s official records prove it to be a lie.
      Unless he expected first aid, untrained, police officers, risking getting AIDS or Hepatitis B, by administering first aid. Something he could’ve done himself, but also chose not to.’
      The rest of his evidence are a few pictures where he poses with corpses. The fact that he macabrely poses with corps, are curious to say the least. In any event they are inconsequential.
      He regurgitates the same refrain ad idfinitum ad nauseum, that he has videos, photos and documents demonstrating atrocities. A cursory examination, like that by EURONEWS and the court findings in Booysen v Acting NDPP, and the De Kock report, mentioned in the article above, adequately demonstrate that it does not prove anything at all and will never pass muster in any court. He knows it. That is why he will not subject himself to cross examination. It is no co-incidence that the other now disgraced ‘witness’ Rajen Aiyer, fooled the media for years that he too, had similar recordings. The ultimate proof that Danikas is untrustworthy and of questionable credibility, comes from none other than the prosecutor himself (see attachment in article above). True to his nature, his response in the EURONEWS article mentioned above is to accuse the National Prosecuting authority of ‘using him and then pushing him aside’. Archetypical self-pity victimhood.
      Much more can be said about Danikas, but that would degenerate this article into a Jerry Springer soap opera. Then why respond to Danikas in the first place? It is simple.
      For years he was ignored. Unfortunately, institutions like Amnesty International, GIBS business school, where Clarke’s wife works, the Catholic church and other human rights groups, are exploited by Danikas to advance his own interest at the expense of real whistleblowers. It is in the public interest to inform institutions how Clarke and Danikas operate, so that due diligence is conducted, before they are funded. Be it in the form of travel, subsistence and accommodation or otherwise.

  5. I have known Johan for many years he was an absolute ambassador to our police force .
    Just reading Johans letter really portrays the truth .

  6. I have read this article, it is actually sad, based on the contents of this article, that it seems that Danikas and Clarke does not know what they actually want. Their attacks made on Genl Johan Booysen, whom I am well acquainted with, is like trying to say something to somebody, without actually saying something to nobody. Mr. Booysen is a well-respected and honorable person, who Danikas is trying to frame, but his lack of evidence to prove anything to anybody is obvious.If there is no prima facie case to be rendered at court, all of his senseless accusations are absurd, empty futile hollow, inconsequential, insignificant, pointless, senseless, trivial, unimportant, useless, vague and worthless.

  7. Not sure why criminals like Angelo Agrizzi think they can impose their opinions in a matter like this, which involves decent cops standing up for their rights

    1. Peter, thank you for your comment. I would like to give any-one a platform to express their views. The point Mr Agrissi makes, if I understand correctly, is that after he became a whistleblower, by testifying at the Zondo Commision, Danikas and co jumped on the bandwagon, to piggyback on the risk he took, to testify.
      That is also the point I’m trying to make in the article. That Danikas is an opportunistic conman who exploits actual whistleblowers, for personal gain.

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