Are we being spied on

Are we being spied on

A question I am often asked is "Are we being spied on - Is what we say on-line being monitored"

The simple answer is YES

Everything that you have ever types in on Face-book, every search you have ever made on Google, every email you have ever sent or received on your G-mail account is stored somewhere.

But it gets worse!

Every call you have ever made on a land-line or cell is also probably recorded for posterity somewhere!

So now that you are totally freaked out and highly indignant about the whole situation let me explain why it should not be too much of a problem for the average person.

First you need to realize that in life you get NOTHING FOR FREE!

Think about it: Google, Face-book and You-Tube to name only 3 offer a "free" service and "everyone" uses all 3 of these sites a lot.

So who pays for all the servers and everything else? It costs A LOT OF MONEY!

Well, in reality YOU DO !

"So how does that work?" you ask...

Have you never wondered why after you have Googled something like "2nd hand cars" you suddenly start seeing all sorts of adverts on just about every page on just about every site you visit, for cars?

Try it and see...

They (being Google's advertisement arm) have picked up that you are searching for cars and that means that you are probably looking for another car so they start giving you adverts about cars.

It is Targeted Advertising and it is how Google and all the other sites make their money.

If you are looking for a car then it makes sense to show you car adverts and not cosmetics adverts.

So in fact "YOU ARE PAYING" for all these so called "FREE SERVICES" and you are paying with YOUR INFORMATION.

Is there anything that you can do about it?

NO is the short answer!

You cannot even get into Face-book without giving them your name, email address and cell number these days during the registration process !

So you should take care not to post anything that you would not be comfortable saying out loud in front of the general public.

How many times have I seen ladies complaining bitterly that the intimate nude photo or video clip they sent to a boyfriend suddenly appears on some "Hot Girlfriend" site or is uploaded to a pornographic video site ~ Too many to count!

Another thing to remember is that the Internet NEVER FORGETS !!!

Once something is "out there" it stays "out there" and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

So be careful what you post - some day a future employer may just find it and your perfect job will go up in smoke.

And do not simply type something and hit or click "Submit" ESPECIALLY if you are angry or "under the weather" so to speak!

You may just be screwing yourself further down the line.