Colonel Rajen Aiyer was dismissed dishonorably from the SA Police Service last week Friday.

His dismissal comes after he attempted to intimidate a woman to force her to withdraw criminal charges against her ex husband.

When she refused he had her arrested on trumped-up charges.

She was detained for two days.

In the meantime the criminal investigation has been completed by IPID who has  referred the docket the National Prosecuting Authority. (NPA)

This investigation comes in the wake of Aiyer's arrest and prosecution for perjury in another matter, for which Aiyer is standing trial.

In this case, as is the case for which he has now been dismissed, he fabricated evidence against innocent people.

General BooysenAiyer is the 'key witness' for the NPA agains Major General Johan Booysen and the Cato Manor group.

Although Aiyer was found to be a dismal witness in Booysen's internal hearing by advocate Nassir Cassim SC, the NPA incredulously decided to use him as a witness, even though a High Court judge ruled that Aiyer's 'evidence' is no more than ' office politics'.

Aiyer had been a controversial policeman throughout his career.

On two occasions the State had to fork out huge amounts in civil cases because of Aiyer's unlawful conduct.

Unsurprisingly, one of them was for an unlawful arrest of a police officer in Dundee.

Aiyer was previously found guilty in a disciplinary enquiry after he abused State vehicles and personnel to do private work.

Two of Aiyer's siblings also acquired Domestic Violence Protection orders against him after he threatened to kill them or have them arrested on trumped-up charged.

Aiyer once sued a Sunday newspaper, unsuccessfully, for defamation.

He lost and was ordered to pay the newspaper's legal bill.

Aiyer caused a lot of mayhem in his tempestuous career.

SAPS management ought to shoulder much of the blame for the destruction he now leaves in the wake of his departure.

Advocate Cassim succinctly pointed out in Booysen's hearing that SAPS need to reconsider having a person such as Aiyer in the service.

Shaun AbrahamsOne perplexing question remains however :

Unfortunately Aiyer enjoyed the protection of two previous KZN Police Provincial Commissioners for reasons best known to them.

Instead of getting rid of Aiyer, one of them actually promoted him despite being the worst candidate.

But now justice has prevailed.

Aiyer's reign of terror has come to an end.

How did the NPA Advocates ( Abrahams and Noko et al ) contrive to use Aiyer as a witness against Booysen and Cato Manor?

The inescapable conclusion is that they pursued an unholy agenda.