Commission of enquiry into the NPA urgently needed

Commission of enquiry into the NPA urgently needed

If the Concourt does not elbow Abrahams out I suspect the President will suspend him pending an enquiry into his fitness.

I maintain however that there should be a judicial commission of enquiry into the functioning and independence of the NPA.

There is ample documented evidence that the NPA has been captured by a cabal under the stewardship of Abrahams.

They have effectively neutered the NPA.

Some of these captured individuals are :

  • Gladstone Maema
  • Dawood Adams
  • Moipone Noko
  • Torie Pretorius
  • Anthony Mosing
  • Marshall Mokgathle
  • JJ Mhlotswa
  • Raymond Mathenjwa
  • Nongcobo Jiba
  • Laurence Merebi and
  • Abey Letsholo

At least four of them , including Abrahams have had adverse findings against them by the courts relating to their credibility.

One of them stole money from the witness protection program.

Others such as Maema, Noko Abrahams and Mokgathle lied under oath in court papers.

They have one thing in common.

They are all responsible for persecuting corruption busters to protect political connections. 

Abrahams and this cabal must go.

There are others too that will be exposed in a commission of enquiry.

The sooner the better for the NPA and South Africa.