Exposed : The criminal cabal in the NPA

Exposed : The criminal cabal in the NPA

The first thing Cyril Ramaphosa must ensure is the establishment of a judicial commission of enquiry into the functioning of the NPA.

Since the unfortunate departure of Vusi Pikoli from the NPA , the organization has become the fiefdom of a cabal that have virtually eviscerated the NPA.

There are a group of 'advocates' that in my view uses the NPA as a vehicle to participate in the activities of a criminal enterprise.

They shield criminals and persecute the likes of Glynnis Breytenbach, Pravin Gordhan, Robert McBride, Anwa Dramat, Shadrick Sibiya, Paul O'Sullivan, Sarah-Jane Trent, IPID investigators and myself.

It is no coincidence that all of us were investigating the likes of Zuma, Richard Mdluli, Thoshan Panday ( business partner of Edward Zuma and the presidents nephew Deebo Mzobe ) , Peggy Nkonyeni, Mike Mabuyakulu ( and other senior politicians - some whom I intend exposing soon ) and other politically connected businessmen.

There is a cabal calling themselves prosecutors at the NPA that are and were consistently used by Jiba and Abrahams to do the dirty work ( read in this regard POCA re participation in the activities of a criminal enterprise )

They are Raymond Mathenjwa, Gladstone Maema, JJ Mhlotswa, Anthony Mosing, Torie Pretorius, Marshal Mokgatle, Moipone Noko and a few others.

They have effectively captured the NPA.

When the Prevention Of Organized Crime Act (POCA) was developed, it was precisely this type of surreptitious criminal conduct the legislator had in mind.

In this instance a criminal syndicate uses the NPA as an enterprise to commit offenses as enunciated in POCA.

Ironically, in a twisted and diabolical way they use this very legislation to neutralise lawful investigations to shield criminals.

I have personally registered criminal cases against Maema, Noko and Jiba.

The case against Jiba was wihdrawn by Shaun Abrahams but recently reinstated after a court challenge by Freedom Under Law .

The judges are particularly critical of Abrahams and Mokgatle.

The Maema and Noko cases are in the final phases of investigation.

If Abrahams declines to prosecute them I will pursue a private prosecution.

In the meantime I am challenging Abrahams in the KZN High Court for unlawfully authorizing my prosecution - just like Jiba did.

It is imperative that a comprehensive investigation be conducted by a retired judge into the workings of the NPA.

The NPA is a vital institution in our democracy.

It forms an important gear in the judicial machinery.

With a compromised NPA, criminals are protected at the expense of those that investigate them.

Other criminals exploit the resultant lacuna in the NPA and thrive with impunity.

That being said, I commend those prosecutors who have maintained their independence and who prosecute without fear or favor and who have not succumbed to promises of promotions for doing the bidding of those with sinister agendas.