Naked feeling NPA advocate keep on exposing herself!

Naked feeling NPA advocate keep on exposing herself!

During January 2018 I wrote an article on this platform about rogue prosecutors whom I’ve implicated in State Capture.

During April 2019 I testified at the Zondo Commission of Enquiry into State Capture where I implicated the same prosecutors.

One of them is the previous Director for Public Prosecutions in KwaZulu-Natal, Advocate MOIPONE NOKO.

She is currently the DPP in North-West.

Noko has now penned a letter to all her colleagues in the prosecuting authority in which she laments having being ridiculed by the media because of her handling of several high profile cases in KZN.

In the letter she states that it feels as if she is “paraded naked in public”.

One of the cases she discusses, is the failed prosecution of Cato Manor detectives and myself for racketeering.

She also takes issue with some prosecutors for not aligning themself with her efforts to prosecute us.

Seven senior advocates of the NPA have proven her to be wrong.

A judge in the High Court has excoriated her, yet she seems to live in an alternative universe along with her cohorts Maema and Abrahams et al.

Noko attempts to portray herself as the victim in this sordid saga.

She is indeed the victim of her own failed attempt to shield her corrupt cronies from prosecution at the expense of loyal public servants.

Noko displays a disturbing lack of understanding legislation relevant to our failed prosecution.

Noko has previously lied in a prosecution memorandum, along with Advocate Sello Maema, to the previous National Director for Public Prosecutions, to obtain authority to prosecute us for racketeering.

Both Noko and Maema is now under criminal investigation for fraud for making these misrepresentations.

This brings me to Noko’s letter to her colleagues and the media.

Noko once again displays a disconcerting propensity in playing fast and loose with the truth.

As with the prosecution memorandum, for which she is now under investigation, she not only distorts the facts but blatantly lies about the extent of the evidence against us.

I have succinctly detailed the lies in the prosecution memorandum in my affidavit to the Investigative Directorate of the National Prosecuting Authority.

Noko attempts to craft a defense for her cronies who are now being prosecuted for corruption.

In doing so she displays how mendacious she really is. She assumes the role of their defense council as opposed to be a prosecutor.

She purports that I induced Colonel Navin Madhoe to bribe me.

Noko could not have read the relevant dockets.

A cursory reading of the docket will show that Madhoe not only initiated the meeting but also offered me two million rand during one of these meetings.

Noko also falsely claims that I provided Madhoe with a confidential document whereas the evidence will demonstrate it was Madhoe who handed the document to me.

In fact Madhoe’s co-perpetrator, Thoshan Panday’s finger print was discovered on the document.

Noko’s letter contains many other falsehoods.

Significantly, Noko was given an opportunity to ventilate her imputations and concerns when I testified at the Zondo Commission.

She had an opportunity to cross examine me but conspicuously chose not to.

Instead she resorts to perpetuate her nefarious lies through the backdoor.

This has been a re-occurring tactic by Noko and company when confronted with the truth.

MOIPONE NOKO - You are not the victim you want every-one to believe.

I don’t take comfort from your misfortune but you destroyed many promising careers in the NPA and SAPS.

Now that the wheels of justice have finally caught up with you and your ilk, you should take responsibility for the harm you caused.

Only the truth can set you free.