Narratives and Reality. Ramaphosa a plain liar at the UN

Narratives and Reality. Ramaphosa a plain liar at the UN

Ramaphosa paints a rosy picture of South Africa at the UN  whilst his country is in flames amid a rising tide of black nationalism .

How long can President Cyril Ramaphosa sustain the international fallacy that South Africa is one happy nation, united in its diversity.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

How long can President Cyril Ramaphosa sustain the lie that he will send the state capture looters to jail ?

How long can President Ramaphosa sustain the fallacy that the ANC itself is not the real culprit in all that has happened as far as corruption and state capture looting goes ?


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I have personally predicted last year that President Ramaphosa will not send anyone to jail for the hundreds of billions that was looted during the Jacob Zuma Presidency.

Here is the MyNews24 article I  wrote in June2017 :

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What Cyril and the international liberal alliance is trying to sell is what you call a narrative.

A narrative accepted as truth by the liberal international media and fed to billions of people the world over.

But we know their narrative is not true.

Dont we ?

The truth is that South Africa today is the joke of the world, a predatory elitist state where the new black elite of the ANC has transformed the country into a sh*thole.

The truth is we are on the edge of the abyss.

On the edge of bankruptcy.

The truth is the ANC has turned everything they touched into sh*t.

The truth is they destroyed each and every South African institution they inherited in a good condition, including the criminal justice system.

The truth is the ANC is the world’s largest organized crime group responsible for the theft of trillions from the South African fiscus.

The truth is they stole more than enough to buy out all remaining plus minus 30 000 white commercial farmers left in South Africa.

The truth is they are common thugs and treasonous trash who sold an entire country to an international crime family, the Guptas, who ran the country as their personal fiefdom with the Zuma Presidency acting as their remote control.

The truth is that the ANC gave birth to a Nazi like offshoot, the EFF, who has blatantly threatened the white community of South Africa with genocide whilst the ANC itself is riven with facist black nationalism, so much so that an ANC MP shouted in parliament that farmers should be buried alive during a debate about farm murders.


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The truth is that with the Gupta state capture network gone, new state capturers will step forward.

The truth is the ANC is itself the true state capturers with a stated policy going back decades called the NDR [ National Democratic Revolution ] that calls for ANC cadres to be employed to the top echelons of all government departments and levers of power, even the judiciary.

The truth is that the ANC has allowed a culture of anti white sentiment to grow and ferment because that conveniently acts as a strawman to draw attention away from their total, and I mean total, ineptitude and the thieving trough-eating patronage based politics they created where  ANC cadres fatten themselves off the riches the taxpayers provide them whilst millions slowly wither away from the grinding poverty that engulfs them and that they are helpless against.

These millions of poor include all races as many whites join the poverty line with coloured and black South Africans.

We try not to see these poor.

We are trying not to see them at robots where they stand the whole day in the sun and rain.

The ANC has become the face of looting, the face of arrogance , the face of a new black supremacy, even though it is employing its foot soldiers the EFF and Black First Land First as foot soldiers, their "brown shirts", to slowly create a facist state.

SA is effectively an IDIOCRACY !

An idiocracy is one step down from a mediocracy, the position we previously held.

Next stop, as Malcom Tucker puts it in The Thick of It, is simply called a cluster f**k.

The reasons are now well documented.

The ANC, under President Jacob Zuma, has been systematically stripped of any intellectual weight.

Some abandoned ship.

Others walked the plank.

One way or the other, no one is at the wheel and the galley is running the deck.

Above is a quote from an article from Gareth van Onselen in Businesslive in 2016.

Our political situation in this country is now beyond ridiculous.

Years of idiocy, political theatre, political infights in the ANC , political diversionary tactics orchestrated by the Guptas – WMC narratives, whites stole the land etc, wholesale looting by an organised Shadow State centered around the Zuma and Gupta families and politicians thinking of themselves as revolutionaries have led to one gigantic political clusterf*ck that we are currently facing.

In December at the ANC leadership contest  Zuma of course wanted his ex wife NDZ elected as ANC leader so she could keep him out of jail.

When Cyril Ramaphosa looked set to win the leadership contest, Zuma employed a desparate tactic called the poisoned chalice, seeking to drag Cyril down when he became ANC leader.

I am talking about Zuma announcing a government project for free tertiary education, even when the country can clearly not afford it.

This was followed up by the ANC adopting the policies of expropriating of land without compensation and the nationalization of the Reserve Bank, turning the ANC into bloodred, adopting the very same policies of the EFF.

Cyril went along.

As he always went along , also during the years of the Zuma/Gupta Presidency, when he was the Vice President.

We have reached clusterf*ck status, the bottom of the pits and we have begun to dig down further.

Ramaphosa, in order to win the ANC leadership contest  reached a deal with a hardcore criminal group in the ZANC , centred around Ace "Mugabe" Magashule and DD Mabuza, mafia don of Mpumalanga, to push him to the top of the ANC septic tank.

South Africa is a place where Hollywoood script writers can come and study.

You wont find any better real life scripts anywhere in the world because the plots hatched to loot and steal, even an entire country, is just so unbelievable.

The sad part is that for us here in South Africa it is all real.

Very real !!!

And it is never more real than when we are attacked in our homes, when we lose family members in criminal and sometimes just plain racist attacks.

I call on the world, dont believe the narratives you are told before you dont know all the facts.

Because we are dying here when you stand on your podiums preaching narratives....