So you think that your life is PRIVATE...

So you think that your life is PRIVATE...

So you think that no-one knows about you...


You may as well put your life in the newspaper.

This is NOT meant to scare anyone out there, it is meant to bring to your attention just how dangerous it can be out there on the Internet.

So that you can be informed and take better care of yourself online.

How does showing our preferences online generate data that companies and individuals can use?

This video will explore what exactly happens behind the screen when they like something online and the power YOUR likes have.

And have you ever noticed that when you Google the latest fashion or the latest car then all of a sudden all you see anywhere you go on the Internet are adverts for clothes (or cars).

Do you know that Facebook is allowed to use your profile image or any image you posted in advertising campaigns?

Whenever they like - and best of all they do not have to ask you !!!

Its true !

YOU gave them permission to do just that when you ticked that little Terms & Conditions box when you signed up.

I am willing to bet that you did not read all the documents that are represented by that little tick box.

And even if you did, did you understand all the "legal-speak" going on?

I didn't - and I still don't !!!

Do you know just how powerful clicking a "Like" button is?

Enjoy the video...

So now that you know what awesome power you have, PLEASE use it to Like and Share this article - help spread the knowledge.