Sunday Times Cato Manor apology : Half baked and insincere

Sunday Times Cato Manor apology : Half baked and insincere

The Sunday Times newspaper claims they are the paper for the people but they were the paper lying to the people.

With a nefarious agenda to aid and abet the evil state capturers, specifically to aid and abet in the capture of the criminal justice system and SARS.

This is the only conclusion that can be drawn because the journalists concerned would not listen to the people they smeared, people like General Johan Booysen.

The journalists concerned had a pre-conceived agenda and simply would not listen to the other side, much less investigate the version put forward by the other side, the people whose careers they were prepared to destroy.

And careers were destroyed - and people lost their lives due to these fake news stories.

It needs to be stated that the Sunday Times fake news period happened before the current editor Bongani Siqoko took over.

But the Sunday Times's apology regarding these fake news stories is certainly half baked and to hide it on page 18 after they spread the fake news stories around for years, sensationally, on their front pages, is simply not acceptable.

The Sunday Times's apology is evidently not written from the heart but written by the legal department to make them appear as sincere journalists misled by their sources.

But why would they not say who their sources were ?

The 3 big Sunday Times fake news narratives - the so called Cato Manor " death squad ", the SARS " rogue unit " and the so called Zimbabwean " rendition " - caused so much damage that it is impossible to calculate.

The damage to honest civil servants's reputations, the emotional strain they and their families took and the damage caused by the capture of the criminal justice system and SARS which flowed out from the Sunday Times fake news narratives is simply incalculable.

A half baked apology written in legalese on page 18 where none of the damage they caused is mentioned is simply not acceptable to the majority of people.

I hold no ill will to Bongani Siqoko but the editors responsible for the fake news narratives, Ray Hartley and Phylicia Oppelt, have not spoken out, have not said a word, much less apologized.

It turns out the " rogue unit " and " death squad " was Stephan Hofsttater, Mzilikazi wa Africa, Piet Rampedi, Rob Rose, Ray Hartley and Phylicia Oppelt from the Sunday Times.

Hartley was the editor of the Sunday Times when the Sunday Times sensationally splashed fake news on their front pages for months alleging that the Cato Manor Organized Crime Unit operated as a so called " death squad ".

Of course it was all a concocted plot hatched by the Zuma783 people in SAPS Crime Intelligence under Richard Mdluli to tarnish General Johan Booysen and remove him from his post because his investigations came too close to Zuma's cronies, like Thoshan Panday.

It was all part of what the Russians called " dezinformatsiya " or a disinformation campaign, something that #783 was trained in when he received intelligence training from the Russians back in the day.

The dezinformatsiya campaign would have never worked without the so called journalists from the Sunday Times's complicity.

General Booysen told them at the time that it is all BS.

The very same dezinformatsiya campaign was used when the Sunday Times was again complicit in spreading fake news that a so called " rogue unit " operated within SARS.

This fake news, no doubt planted by Zuma people in the Sunday Times, led to the removal of the previous leadership of SARS and the total takeover of SARS by Zuma's right hand man Tom Moyane.

Well over 50 senior SARS managers were driven out by Moyane so that he could properly capture the institution on behalf of the Zuma and the Guptas.

More investigation is needed on the role that Adv Rudolf Mastenbroek played in planting the fake stories around SARS in the Sunday Times.

His ex wife is Phylicia Oppelt, Sunday Times editor at the time of the false SARS stories.

The so called rendition story, also peddled by the Sunday Times, led to the removal of Anwa Dramat as Hawks head which led to the appointment of an evil criminal like Berning Ntlemeza to run the Hawks.

Ntlemeza sabotaged and ran the Hawks into the ground.

Last Sunday's cop-out by the Sunday Times - on page 18 no less - simply does not cut it - it is a blatant cop-out.

Two brave Cato cops died as a result of stress induced heart conditions - Capt Neville Eva and Capt Vincent Auerbach.

The Sunday Times is not going to bring them back to their families, neither are they going to fix the damage they caused.

The Sunday Times has got blood on their hands!

An extremely decent man like General Johan Booysen was arrested like a common criminal and had to spent a night in jail, sleeping on a cold hard floor together with almost 30 Cato cops.

These were hard working and brave cops, the cream of KZN's Police force.

There is a definite correlation between the escalation in serious and violent crime in KZN and the disbandment of the Cato Manor Organized Crime Unit.

The Sunday Times has blood dripping from their hands.

Judge Zondo requires their presence before him.

Fake news journalism destroys, fake news journalism kills and the journalists involved namely Stephan Hofstatter, Mzilikazi wa Afrika, Rob Rose, Piet Rampedi, Ray Hartley and Phylicia Oppelt still have a lot to answer for and must never practise journalism again.

Ray Hartley was the editor during the Cato Manor fake news reporting and he still holds a senior position in the news division at the Tiso Blackstar group, parent company of the Sunday Times.

Oppelt was the editor during the so called SARS " rogue unit " story and she is still a senior manager within the Tiso Blakstar group.

Hofstatter works at the Financial Mail, also part of Tiso Blackstar.

Rob Rose is the editor of the Financial Mail.

Piet Rampedi left the Sunday Times to open his own rag in Limpopo.

To the Sunday Times journalists involved we need to say that we will never forget about the damage you caused and you should never ever be trusted again.