The hunt for the Shadow State - what to expect

The hunt for the Shadow State - what to expect

The Guptas are common fly-by-night hustlers and con-artists. The fact that they came across a gangster about to become President and cultivated him early on just made the opportunity so much more profitable for them.

I bet you they couldnt believe their luck that they were afforded the opportunity by a hundred year plus old political party to actually run the country. They encountered little opposition and those who did oppose them , like Nhlanhla Nene, Mcebisi Jonas and Pravin Gordhan, were dealt with by their puppet President Zuma783.

Now that the house of cards have collapsed and the gangster President has fallen, dont expect that the main brains will be arrested soon. They are the 3 Gupta brothers and Salim Essa, who is the real brain of the whole scam.

You will be fed a carefully crafted narrative that will be fed to those gullible enough to believe it. You will be told the main brains have escaped and cant be found. The powers that be will throw you a bone or two by arresting a few small fishes, just to release them on bail after that.

Remember that the Guptas were the real rulers of the country for 9 years. They must have paid off half of the ANC upper structure, if not more. The ANC cant afford it that the main cogs in the Shadow State network of the Guptas are arrested.

They are afraid that if the Guptas are arrested , their tongues will become loose and they will seek to cut deals.

It was Pravin Gordhan who said that the Shadow State network of the Guptas could have stolen as much as R250 billion. So there is plenty of money to do pay-offs now.

Then the Guptas and associates must have made billions shorting the rand in currency trade thanks to insider knowledge that the rand would fall everytime they concocted a cabinet reshuffle and firing of a finance minister with the puppet President.

It is a fact that the head of the NPA , Shaun " the Sheep " Abrahams , is part and parcel of the Gupta network and that a dozen or more advocates of the NPA in senior positions are captured by the network [ General Johan Booysen, ex head of the Hawks in KZN , wrote several articles about them here on and gave their names . ]

The Hawks were previously led by the captured Berning Ntlemeza and he was there long enough to appoint other Shadow State cabal members in senior positions at the Hawks, like the head of the Hawks in Gauteng, Prince Mokotedi.

Keep in mind that Zuma783 cultivated the network from as early as 2002 and especially systematically set about to recruit loyalists in the NPA and SAPS Crime Intelligence.

These people who were on the payroll of the Guptas have a vested interest to make sure the Guptas escape because they did favours for the Guptas and would rather see that the Guptas never see the inside of a court room, also afraid that the Guptas will talk.

I am afraid that it is not possible to catch and successfully prosecute the big fish with a hollowed out Hawks and NPA riddled with captured advocates.

A canary cant grab a big fish out of a river. You need a fish eagle for that. And our Hawks police agency is more like a canary at this stage, deliberately weakened by Zuma783 over years.