Where has the Rainbow gone?

Where has the Rainbow gone?

What has happened to this beautiful country with all its promise of a bright future for all when we started our new journey in 1994?

The time when we were proud to refer to ourselves as the Rainbow Nation – a beacon of hope for the world and a showcase on how people of different histories and cultures, previously divided by conquest and oppression, could hold hands to build a better tomorrow.

How is it that 24 years later we appear to be more divided than ever before, retreating into racial and class silos, only showing our heads to hurl insults at each other?

How is it that a British PR firm and self-serving politicians can succeed in sowing even deeper racial divisions amongst the citizens of a nation when the only path to a meaningful future actually lies in learning to work together?

Any other path will only take us through renewed conflict, unnecessary bloodshed and pain for thousands of innocent people in our beautiful nation.

How is it that we talk past each other and at each other, instead of with each other?

Why do we talk so much more than we listen?

Why are we hating each other and blaming each other for issues where the real causes are firstly buried in our history together with dead people that perpetrated those actions and secondly, are attributable to the abysmal failure of our government to get even the most basic functions right?

Why do we insist on the justness of a notion of retribution for the actions of long dead ancestors when this type of thinking has been discredited and rejected by all civilised nations of the world?

Why have we allowed poverty and inequality to increase and become entrenched in our society?

Why do we still have some white people that do not understand and acknowledge the real legacies of colonialism and apartheid and their persistence into our current society.

Why do we still have some black people that refuse to acknowledge white citizens as true children of the soil of South Africa with equal rights and commitment to the future of this country?

Why have we allowed the racists and bigots of all colors to dominate and dictate the discourse and debate in South Africa when our daily experiences show us that the vast majority of South Africans can and do live together in harmony?

Why do we still have disagreement on the real history of our country?

Not the history written by propagandists and politicians, but the real history of all the people of this country, viewed from the perspectives and lived experiences of all the people of this country.

Why do people keep on voting for politicians that do not care about the interests of the people?

Why are we happy to pay politicians large salaries with our hard-earned taxes in order for them to ignore our interests and look after themselves only?

Why do we tolerate this?

Why can we not ensure that every citizen in this country is truly empowered with access to the truth?

Not biased opinions and propaganda, but the facts and the real truth as to what is happening and what could have been if we all worked towards a shared and prosperous future.

Why, why, why?

It's because the majority of our people are allowing the hateful minority to set and control the discourse.

It’s time for the majority of peace-loving South Africans to prevail!

Martin Luther King Jr expressed my own views when he said:

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

We need to take the power away from those who have the power and are abusing it to set us at each other's throats so that they can loot both our money and our future and we need to bring the power of our destiny back into our own hands where it belongs.

We need to rediscover our humanity.


MONDAY, 19th MARCH 2018